hello august, hello oxford (the one in ohio not england)

So much has happened in the last few weeks while I've taken a bit of a blogging break. I have been in overdrive, moving, cleaning, transporting loads of donated stuff, driving. In a very short week I will begin a new teaching job, which I'm incredibly excited about. August, for me, signals the end of summer, the beginning of a new semester with new notebooks and planners and pens, blank pages waiting for all of the thoughts, notes, and reminders that will soon fill them. August is about anticipation and finding a routine, settling into the new, new students' names to remember, new classrooms. The newness ever more present as I am in a new town, in a new apartment, without M, who stayed behind to do her own very important work and build her career. This is where we are in our lives and though it is not ideal to be apart, I feel very lucky for this opportunity.  

Hello campus architecture! These gates flank the building the English department is housed within. 

Hello, belltowers. This one is outside the Administration Building.

Hello, back roads and driving 4 hours back to Champaign. It's not a bad drive, at all. 

Hello living in 2 time zones. We're on Eastern time in Ohio. 

Decoration in Patterson's Cafe, a place I think my parents will love if they get a chance to visit.

Hello to still eating healthy, to fresh fruit and whole wheat pizza. (Kashi is my hero right now!) 

Hello adventure and new opportunities. Hello long-distance relationship and Skyping and looking forward to holidays. Hello to focusing on work and writing and working out. Hello to being 32 lbs lighter and hopefully more by Christmas. Hello, clean slate, fresh start, new routines.

Here we go.