Habits Update and a Workout Playlist

I am now one of those people who get really cranky if I don't get to the gym. I am now one of those people who knows how many calories are in food items and repeat "you don't need that" to myself. I am now the person who measures everything with measuring cups, who thinks about serving size. I honestly don't miss soda or candy. I allow myself ice cream in small amounts: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and Snickers mini ice cream are my favorites. I don't eat them every day but when I need something sweet, they do the trick. I've also recently discovered Eat.Think.Smile Granola Clusters, which I really love. Delicious, rich chocolate taste but not a lot of calories. 

I still need to eat more vegetables. I actually ate cooked carrots last night! I'm discovering a love for spinach salads and don't need to add to cheese to everything, even though I still love cheese. For lunch yesterday, I used salsa as a topping for my turkey burger. 

I have off days, of course, when I crave greasy cheeseburgers and loads of pasta but I try not to give in to these cravings often. 

I'm eating a lot more whole grains than I ever have before and for someone who used to eat slices of white bread by themselves, this is a big deal. 

I go to the gym 5 days a week, sometimes 6 but I'm very cranky if I can't go at least 5 days. I usually don't go on Tuesdays because we bowl then. At least one day a week, I do the circuit training and at least one day a week, I do a mix of cardio: bikes, treadmill, elliptical. Most of the time, I do the arc trainer machines because they are challenging, do intervals, and burn a lot of calories. I'm starting to integrate more weight machines into my routine but am still figuring out a good mix. And I actually enjoy working out, sweating, challenging my body, feeling the muscles move. It helps to have people encouraging me and a really good playlist. And though I am crazy stressed about moving and the stress seeps out in weird ways when I least expect it, working out is helping me deal with it. It's the one time in a day, my head isn't constantly working overtime. 

I started this particular journey on May 1. I am wearing pants I couldn't button last year. I feel like I am in between sizes, though, and don't want to buy new clothes until I lose more weight. Overall, I feel better, sleep better, have more energy. My blood pressure is down and I don't get heartburn or stomach aches, both of which were frequent for me a few months ago. I am building on the work I've done and still working toward my first big goal which is to lose 60 lbs by Christmas. 

When I first started working out on days M went early or couldn't go with me, I was worried I needed a new workout playlist since my previous one was from oh, 3 years ago easily. Since getting Spotify, I rarely use my iPod and when I found myself at the gym alone, I decided to just listen to music on Spotify and what I realized was that a lot of the music I've been listening to lately, works pretty well for a workout playlist. Of course, I had to skip around a bit the first few times to find what really worked for me. So, I finally made a playlist on Spotify. I add and delete songs periodically but this is what I'm using so far:


It's not your typical workout playlist, I suppose but it works for me.