Project Life 2012 Week Twenty-Six

Here I am, halfway through this project and I find myself still very much committed to it. Some weeks, of course, I enjoy more than others and some weeks I'm in a rush to just get the pages filled. Speaks of life, as well, I think. 

Week Twenty-Six began in Bloomington, spending some time with M's family and our friend, Brianne and her family. We taught her children to make the Byzantine bracelets we have been making. 

Week 26

Because I take most pictures with my phone these days, rarely are they landscape oriented and because I was using the back of Week 25's layout to begin this week, I used Ali Edwards' trick of resizing 2 4x6 photos for the 6x4 orientation.  Those two photos are the only ones on this page, over which I used Ali Edwards' Embracing the Everyday brushes. 

The Summertime card is from Sabrina Dupre and once again, I am really enjoying using more printables. In some ways, it takes longer to fiddle with in Photoshop, depending on what I want to do, but I like mixing the different materials. I included a "to-do list/love note" from M because I hardly have any of her handwriting and because I teased that she was only writing a note to test her new pens. I stapled it to Cherry cardstock from Sweet Matstack with Glitter. I used a few stickers from my stash because at first, I couldn't locate my Tiny Attacher so I was hoping the stickers would hold the paper. When I found the tool, I thought the stickers were cute so I left them. Two journaling cards one from the Cobalt, the second from the Turquoise kit, a Miss Tiina printable and a filler card from the Cobalt kit fill the middle row. 

I stamped the banner on a Miss Tiina date card using a stamp I've had in my stash a while but was never sure how I wanted to use it. It adds some interest to the card and ties the colors together. 

Week 26: Sunday/Monday

I love flip flops. I tend to take a lot of pics of my feet in flip flops, which I suppose indicates relaxation. I also really like fountains and this one in Bloomington at the Shops at College Hills are really nice and relaxing. I snapped this pic while waiting on M to share Starbucks. I dig their Chai Tea Latte and wondered what it would taste like cold and it was actually still delish. 

I am smiling so cheesy. I mostly took that photo because I wanted to show off my gold eye shadow which I was trying for the first time. I don't wear makeup every day and rarely in the summer, because I feel like I just sweat it off but I was in a good mood and had time so I thought, why not. 

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the middle row here. I used Afternoon Muse cardstock and affixed a sticker from Echo Park Paper on top. Below is My Mind's Eye Cardstock from the Lost and Found Two Collection and another Echo Park Paper label. I used Reflections Light Blue Check cardstock for the owl and floral stickers which come from Autumn Leaves Manhattan Die-Cut Stickers. I didn't realize at the time but the flowers look like thought bubbles. The bottom is a printable from Miss Tiina. I used Sun. Mon. stickers from the Turquoise kit and a Smash Tiny Flag to mark Monday.

To create a weekly recap I used a Miss Tiina journaling card and re-oriented it. I thought about typing it all out but I wanted to use my own handwriting to match the rest of the handwriting on the page. 

Week 26: June in full swing

Pretty typical week represented here. Gym, babysitting, trying to stay out of the heat. I wrote a funny story that happened while I was babysitting at Kate's beside the adorable pic of her dog, Lola. In Photoshop I typed over both the gym photo and the Lola photo. This way I don't have to use labels. The floral cardstock is the back of the My Mind's Eye from the previous page and the circles are the back of the Light Blue Check. I used a Reflections Month sticker for June, just because I hadn't used it yet and even though it was nearing the end of June, I like the passing of time to be reflected in various ways. Plus, I needed something to fill the slot. The last cardstock is scrap paper from my stash as are the stickers. I've always thought it was pretty. The stickers are Colorbok Friendly Forest from a couple of years ago, for which I could not find a link and I wonder if it's because they came in a kit from Colorbok.

Week 26: Moonrise Kingdom

I put this page together quickly. I saw Moonrise Kingdom and simply adored it. I snapped a photo of the marquee of the local theater and included a photo of the MK poster. Underneath the marquee is a Miss Tiina printable on which I wrote a portion of the note that one of the characters writes to the other. The turquoise is part of a blog challenge called Great-full Summer and is a list of ways to express gratitude for the people who are part of our routine that we may not always acknowledge. 

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