Project Life 2012 Week Twenty-One

I was waiting for June's blog hop to share Week 21 and then the hop was canceled because there weren't enough participants but we want to do a June/July combined hop so if you're interested in sharing your Project Life layouts or story, head over to Jill Conyers blog and sign up!

So, Week 21 is all about the everyday. I used a date card from the Turquoise edition of Project Life and stickers that came with the kit to mark Week 21. Happy Everything is a stamp from Hobby Lobby. I stamped it on a blank journaling card and finished it with black dots Smash tape! I also used Entertainment Smash! pad to create a list of books I want to read. I stapled "Be Strong. Go with your heart" and a paper heart on a turquoise filler card.

I cut Afternoon Muse Pack Paper and wrote directly on top on it. I included my May desktop, just because I like it and wanted to remember it. 

Week 21: Everydayness


This page is even more about the everyday. Running errands like going to the bank, grocery store, doing some website design at Panera, the jewelry I wear, the purse I carry, etc. We bought a bobble jug to filter our water this week. I cut the box top to include here. 

Week 21: Routines

I love how all the turquoises and blues work together on this page. Lots of labels, here, too. I used Freckled Fawn labels they no longer sell, my go-to Martha Stewart labels, and American Crafts Remarks Journaling Sticker Book.


A few more details. We babysat Nora who is trying so hard to crawl but she just can't quite get it, yet. We also ordered some jump rings to make chain bracelets with (what M is doing in the picture) so I included one of the bags the rings came in as well as some details about making the bracelets. 

I ended up redesigning my blog during Week 21. I was inspired by Design-seeds and included the color palette I loved from there. This is something I may do more often, printing out colors, songs, things that inspire me. Beneath the color inspiration I printed the blog header with the new scheme. It's cool to have these elements of my everyday represented in this project. 

I was going to post Week 22 with this post as well, but I think I'd rather devote a whole 'nother post to it, so you'll have to wait for it. Maybe, tomorrow, maybe Monday.