Project Life 2012 Week Twenty-Two

With Week Twenty-Two, since it straddled the end of May and beginning of June, I was all about the hello/goodbye nature of this transition to summer. I wanted to capture my thoughts as well as my photos. I decided to post the photos from May as seen in this post and include notes of things I did or read or felt or thought during May. 


Week Twenty-Two is also the week of washi tape. Here the tape is Pink Floral Geometry from Freckled Fawn and even though it's uneven because I tried to be creative with the margins, I still like it. I slid the page into an 8 x 10 page protector. The banner brushes and teacups are Rhonna Designs


This is the back of the 8x10. Not only do I need to be reminded of this sentiment but I love the color this infuses. Ali Edwards' digital brushes are awesome. The "embracing" brush is from the Moving Forward set. The hearts are from her Love Something set. For the quote I chose Base 05 font, which used to be the font on my blog and I like it because it reminds me of thread and looks good in all caps. 


Using Design G again. For some reason, upon printing many of the photos this week looked darker than I expected, like they all have a brown glow on them. I don't know if it's the printing or the quality of light in the original photo, or perhaps both. I made the "hello summer" card in Photoshop. I began with one of Gina Miller's title cards from Happy Cards Element Pack, rotated the orientation and began writing. The font, Clementine Sketch, is one of my new favorites for representing Summer and fun.

I experimented a bit with washi tape on one of the Turquoise kit cards and though the writing on it is not very visible, I still kind of like it. Both the stripe and the heart tape are from Freckled Fawn

I cut one of the larger journaling cards from the kit and journaled on it, mostly about our trip to the movies to see Men in Black on Memorial Day. Oh, and rabbits have taken over our lawn.

Week Twenty-Two: What I ate

I jokingly said I could call this page "what I ate" because it's almost all images of food. My favorite thing on this page is the card with the washi tape wrapped around it. It's simply the back of the washi card from the previous page. I thought it looked cool so instead of covering it up I used the definition of summer small Dear Lizzy Neopolitan stamp and a few of the other stamps from that same set. The other cards are from the Turquoise and Clementine kits. The green stripe is Afternoon Muse Paper with bliss stickers from my stash. 

Week 22: Dishes and more

This is the page of dishes. It just happened that I took several pictures of dishes because I cleared out my cups and because the dishes pile up when you eat healthy and cook at home. I found a Subway gift card I'd forgotten about and didn't have a spare piece of paper to write our orders on, so I used a card from the Turquoise kit and then just included it in the layout. I wanted to include some explanations about the images so I cut up a few of the journaling cards from the PL kits and stapled them like labels but then I wanted to write more so I used the journaling card REAL LIFE from the Clementine kit. On it I wrote:

Real life is dishes in the sink every night, way too many plastic cups, never having a piece of paper when you need one. Real life is waking up in the middle of the night, worrying. Real life is working it out. 

The "have a story to tell" sticker is from the same stcikers as the bliss sticker but I've lost the packaging. The paper it's on is Poteeka Souffle Glitter Paper Pack.

Wow, lots of pages this week. 

Hello June!

Hello June! Most of the photos here are from our friend's Tabitha bachelorette dinner at Destihl. In the top right, I made a collage of images I really liked and below I included the photo of the daisies, which I just love. I took one of the plain journaling cards from the PL kit, stamped June on it from Inkadinkadoo and then wrapped it in washi tape. Beside it, I included the receipt from dinner. Love the goat cheese and pesto pizza! 


We got some much needed rain and took a photo walk afterwards. I captured the two green photos here. The image of us is from the bachelorette party and I'm not sure why we look so red. If you've been reading my Project Life posts then you know that I love color. So, when I saw Gina Miller's Filler cards had so much color, I knew I wanted to use them. Because I'm a lover of words, I like that bloom has multiple meanings. Between the two photos you might imagine it corresponds to the plants but there are also more metaphorical ways to think about it, especially if you read the card beside the green plant, which talks about some of the things I'm experiencing right now, a reminder to hang in there, trust myself. 


Beside the bloom card, I used Paislee Press' "On the Record" card. In Photoshop I made a list of some of my favorite parts of the weekend, which I noted was surprisingly full. The cherish card is from the Clementine kit and I used cardstock, washi tape, a Smile stamp and some stickers from my stash to make the card. 

I love this week, its color and sentiments and all the journaling. Week 23, which I've almost completed, is full of photos, not as much journaling and I appreciate the way that Project Life allows me to storytell in a variety of ways.