34 in 34 update

To celebrate my birthday (January) for the past 2 years I have created a list of things I want to accomplish in the year. (You can find 33's list/last year's list here and updates about what did and did not work here). What I like about doing this is that I'm able to think about and in some ways, invite in the kinds of things I want to do, the kind of year I seek to have. I also choose a word to frame my intentions and goals each year in lieu of resolutions. This year my word is tend. I had my word in mind as I created my 34 in 34 list in January. I also tried to think of how I might challenge myself, care for myself and those around me and what I wanted to do that I felt like I needed an excuse to accomplish it.  

It's been six months since I first created this list. I thought it was time to check in:

1. Blog 3x times a week. I don't know how much I've stuck to 3 x a week but I've tried to make an effort to blog more. So I feel okay about where this is right now. 

2. Keep a plant alive for a season. Haven't even bought a plant, yet so still considering this one. 

3. Be More Playful. This has been challenging. There have been playful moments but I definitely think I need to invite a few more childlike activities into my life like singing silly songs and coloring, blowing bubbles and splashing in puddles.  

4. Complete 365 project. So far so good. I started 365 in November and have not missed any days of picture taking yet though I have yet to post them all to Flickr. Some are still sitting on my hard drive. 

5. Read 15 books. Well, so far this year I have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steg Larsson, America Pacifica by Anna North, Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott, and The Writing Circle by Corrine Demas. I'm currently reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Secret of the White Rose by Stefanie Pintoff. I think I'm on track with this goal so I'm happy about where it stands.

6. Complete Project Life. I have posted my PL thoughts, processes, layouts and materials each week. I'm in week 21, which I haven't posted but have finished and am loving working on this project, despite a few setbacks. 

7. Try a new cheese each month. So far I have stuck to goat cheese and blue cheese with a few variations. Not sure if this is going to happen this year, especially since I'm trying to be healthier. 

 8. Visit Washington D.C. Could still happen.

9. Tour a Lighthouse. Not ready to give up on this either. 

10. Visit the Smithsonian. Still waiting.

11. Make a monthly playlist. Right on! I have been keeping up with making playlists on Spotify and I really, really love doing it. 

12. Watch the sunrise. I have seen a few of these now and my new goal is to photograph a few of them. 

13. Say yes to something scary. I kind of did this but still unsure if it qualifies as truly scary yet because it's in such early stages.  

14. Go on a picnic. Definitely going on my summer to do list.

15. Learn to use my speedlight flash. Also on the summer to do list.

16. Visit a winery. Should make this a must for summer.

17. Make tiramusu. This may get crossed off soon because I don't want to make something I can't eat and I don't think tiramusu counts as healthy. 

18. See five live events. I've seen one play so far. It was really good. 

19. Random Acts of Kindness. Thinking about choosing an entire day to do a lot of random acts of kindness. 

 20. Swim. Not yet.

21. Make homemade meatballs. I accomplished making lasagne so I may come back to meatballs and see if I can find a way to make healthy ones. 

22. Cook 12 new recipes (and blog about them). I have tried a few so far but haven't blogged about them yet. Thinking I'll try something in the crock pot soon that I'll blog about. 

23. Do something creative every week. As a way of tending, I know that I need to do something creative beyond taking pictures. I don't know that I've focused on this each week beyond Project Life. But M and I are making chain mail bracelets right now so that's been part of the creative process. 

24. Stay in a bed and breakfast. This could be one of those things that the idea of it sounds better than the actuality, but I feel like this could be fun. May cross this one off because it no longer makes sense but still waiting for this opportunity. 

25. Make my own artwork (and display it). I hung one of my photographs in our bathroom but I haven't tried making anything else, though I want to. 

26. Express my gratitude every day. Feel good about this one!

27. Ride in a hot air balloon. Do I really want to do this? Not sure

28. Grow my hair out and not cut it.  Yeah, I don't know that I can keep this one. 

 29. Watch all the movies nominated for an Oscar this year. When I set this goal, I think I meant for Best Picture. So far, I've watched Hugo, War Horse, The Descendents, Moneyball, The Help and Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close. I still need to see The Artist, Midnight in Paris, and The Tree of Life. Not bad, Not bad, at all. I may go back and add the Best Actor and Actress movies because I want to see The Iron Lady, anyway.

30. Wear all my perfume or get rid of the ones that have expired. Still going through these, but feel good about what I've gotten ride of so far. 

31. Grow an herb garden. Haven't done this yet. Maybe next year.

32. Organize my recipes. Still in process. 

33. Draw a heart in the sand and photograph it. Not yet

34. Memorize 3 poems. I've memorized 1 so far, my last year's mantra, "The Laughing Heart." 


I'm still pretty happy with this list, with what I'm working on and what may get crossed off and where things stand. Inspired by Ali Edwards, I'm considering creating a Summer Manifesto with some of these items as well as some additional ideas, specific to summer.