Project Life 2012 May Blog Hop


I cannot believe it's already time for another blog hop! All participants in the blog hop are listed at the end of this post. If you're looking for inspiration for PL or just curious about what others do like I am, have a look around. 
As I mentioned in previous posts my binder has been overflowing, so I am splitting the months into several binders. This makes it easier to work on without pages slipping out. 

I normally do some kind of overview for the blog hop but I haven't posted Weeks 16 & 17 yet, so I'm focusing on those weeks here. 

Like most of April, these weeks are mostly Instagram photos. While I really like Instagram, it's a lengthy process getting them from my phone (Android) to my computer and printed for PL. I'll be glad when Becky Higgins releases the new page protectors this summer because some are designed for Instagram. 


This is the back of the previous week's page. I didn't worry so much this week about the order of photos. 

I like all the greens on this page. The color scheme just kind of emerged as I organized the layout. The weather was weird during Week 16, and a few days were downright cold. I realized that i'd taken photos of both iced tea and hot mocha, which I thought summed up the week perfectly. The tags are from the Croc shoes pictured on the previous page, which are crazy comfortable. And I definitely needed something to wear besides flip-flops. I included a Spring tag I had in my stash even though the weather didn't feel particularly Spring-like. On it, I wrote about the weather, which will be a nice reminder of the contradictions that make up April in Illinois. 


The text beside the ivy is from a poem by James Wright, A Blessing. The Lucky Me tag is from 7Gypsies' Family Kit. 

Week 17 I tried to use the DSLR more, though I still have a lot of Instagram photos. We went to Bloomington to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday and to see M's family. It was nice; we made brownies. 

Week 17

I walked outside to get the trash can one morning and I saw this rabbit just hanging out in the front yard. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment. Later, I saw an even bigger rabbit hopping through my neighbor's yard. Guess it is Spring, after all! I also came down with a wicked cold. I used a lot of Kleenex! The grey 3x4 card is from Kayla Aimee and the blue and green is from the PL Original Edition Journaling Cards


I felt better by the weekend. I participated in Artists Against Aids. I sold a few photographs and volunteered at the gift wrap table. M bought me an awesome owl necklace as an early anniversary present. All in all, it was a good weekend, even though I only felt like half of myself. 

I wrapped Amy Tan washi tape around a 3x4 card. I thought it created a cool pattern and over it I placed a Dream embellishment from MAMBI. The other cards are from the Turquoise and Clementine kits. 

I'm trying to use a mix of materials, digital and kits. With the Instagram photos, I usually take a couple of pictures and put them together on a 4x6 PL digital backgrounds in Photoshop. It takes extra time, but I've liked the way it turns out. I think you'll be able to tell in the project, as a whole, exactly when Instagram took over as the mode with which I take photos. 

And that's Week 16 & 17! 

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