Project Life 2012 Week Twenty

Week 20 I traveled to one of my favorite academic conferences. This year it was held in Raleigh, NC at NC State University. Because M and I like road trips and it was possible, we drove. We were able to see one of our friends who moved to Durham for a doctorate program. And I caught up with my ISU friends; I love when things fall into place that way. Most of the layouts this week are dedicated to the trip. 

Week 20: On the road

I repeated the process from last week, taking the photos from my phone and printing them without the instagram filters on them. This means that many of the pictures are in portrait instead of landscape. This first page is Design Page B. I cut the parking pass we used to fit into the 4x6 slot and I like that it breaks up the photos instead of having photo, photo, photo. I took the first photo in the car before we left at 5 a.m. for North Carolina. The other photo in the top panel is of the Memorial Bell Tower on NC State's campus. Underneath I included some details about the belltower on one of the Original Editional Journaling Cards. My name badge from the conference is in the center. I cut Afternoon Muse Glitz Pack 8x8 paper and attached the NC state seal from one of the folders I got at the conference, the theme title from the conference book and a Remarks Journaling Sticker (Book 2) for the date which I stamped using the Becky Higgins Date stamp from the Original kit. The last row are all 4x3 journaling cards from the Clementine kit. I stamped "Enjoy" and "make it memorable" from Stampabilities Clear Stamps Definitions, which I think came from Hobby Lobby but I can't find a link anywhere to the set I used. I also stamped "20" using the small number stamps from the Inkadinkado Calendar of Events set. I added this card after I had already written about Week 20 on another 4x3 card but instead of rewriting it, I used them both. I finished off the page with a speed limit card I had in my stash. 

Week 20: Color

Tunnels were throughout NC State's campus because a railroad track runs through part of the area. I loved the one with all ivy, which is the first picture on this page. There was also a graffiti tunnel where students are encouraged to tag and express themselves, and thus, leave the other tunnels untouched. M took some amazing photos of the graffiti and some students spray painting. 

One of the coolest things about the conference were the Craft sessions the school offered as part of the conference. M and I took Byzantine chain making and Pinhole Photography. M took a photo of all of the various jump rings and her finished bracelet. She was very good at working with the metal and much quicker than I was. I cut the 4x6 portrait photos in half so they would fit into the spaces. I like how they turned out. I used the Live Out Loud journaling card from the PL kit because I liked all of the color on it. Above it, I took one of the blank cards and used Purple and Pink Heart Washi Tape from Freckled Fawn along the bottom and I really like how it turned out. I've been trying to think of different ways to incorporate washi tape in the last few layouts and I like the color this tape added to an otherwise plain journaling card. 

Week 20: Rockford

We ate at an amazing place called The Rockford in downtown Raleigh, which I highly recommend. We ordered the ABC, apple, bacon, cheddar on whole wheat with honey sesame sauce. Man, it was amazing. We sat outside on this small deck, which we had to ourselves. M snapped a pic of the flowerboxes that lined the balcony. I used Geometric labels from Freckled Fawn, which I don't see on their website so maybe they aren't stocking them anymore. The bottom photos are M's pinhole shots. 

May Small things

This is still unfinished because I haven't printed my pinhole photos yet which will go in these slots. At the top you can see my original pinholes, which don't look like much. M was much better at "getting it" than I was. The Burt's Bees tin was the camera M used. The heart is a close-up of some of the graffiti from the tunnel. And I snapped a pic of my keyring while we were sitting outside at The Rockford.

Week 20 Traveling

As part of Ali Edward's 31 Things class I snapped a photo of my makeup as part of my morning routine since my routine changes, depending on what's going on. I love photos of the everyday, which you'll see more of in Week 21. 

I haven't had the opportunity to use the "Overheard" Smash card from the Quote card set so I decided to write down a Twitter conversation that was important to the conference because my mentor, whose head is in the picture of me in conversation above, had some smart things to say I wanted to remember. The "You Are Great" is from a Chronicle Small Object thank you card I decided to cut and include here on top of more Afternoon Muse paper. I used a filler card from the Clementine kit beside it because it mentions all of the things the conference was about. 

While driving through part of North Carolina, we saw Pilot Mountain, which I've never seen before as I haven't driven that way before. We didn't have time to properly visit but we enjoyed the view as we drove. 

Overall, it was an excellent trip and I'm really glad to have Project Life as a way to record it.