blog redesign

When I first began blogging, I redesigned my blog frequently. Partly because I was learning more about design, about how I wanted to express and represent myself and partly because I would get bored. Last summer when I switched my blog host, I had to learn some new things about design, to rethink layout possibilities and color schemes, which was probably a good thing. I asked my sister-in-law to create some owl icons for me that I could use in my header, and she did an amazing job. I used some variation of the owls and various fonts and colors for the header and a few different backgrounds/schemes but essentially, I had the same design for about a year. 

I wanted a bit of a change. 

I understand the purpose of keeping the general design of a page, of brand identity and reader expectations. I'm hoping this isn't too drastic of a redesign, though almost everything has changed or shifted. 

Here's what the blog used to look like: 

And the new design:

I love color palettes. In the past I used Adobe Kuler to create color schemes. I just discovered there's a Kuler app, which I may have to look into. For the purposes of this redesign, however, I turned to a recent obsession I discovered through Pinterest, Design-seeds.

This is the color palette that inspired this design, which you can find here

As I was working on the design, I felt a little unsure if I would like it, if I was making a mistake in completely redesigning the blog. But when I went back to capture the previous design, I realized how much I like the new one. Sometimes a little risk in design and in life is worth it.