Project Life 2012 Week(s) Eighteen and Nineteen

Hello May!

A few weeks ago, when I was sick, I was feeling discouraged. I was behind in PL and didn't feel the same joy that I've felt about putting my pages together in the past. The process of using Instagram for Android was making the whole process more time consuming than I felt it needed to be. This week, I plugged in my phone to the computer and grabbed the original, non-Instagrammed, unfiltered images. The resolution was much higher and I was able to print them easier. Maybe it was the time I was able to spend on the layouts, but printing the pictures in higher resolution and in traditional sizes again, revived my excitement in this project as a whole. 

In some ways, I'm glad that I struggled in the previous weeks and worked through the challenges and was able to stick with it. These two weeks (18 &19) reflect, I think, that kind of waking up, coming back, pushing through feeling. 


I feel like it rained all of Week 18. Not all day but it seemed like every day. I took a lot of pictures of flowers in the rain, drinking it in. We babysat Nora and it finally cleared up enough to get the lawn mowed. 


I love the umbrella picture I took in the top left. I took it quickly one afternoon leaving campus. I cut one of the Turquoise kit cards and on top used a Dear Lizzy Feather Phrases sticker that reads "Flowers, Birds, Sunshine, Puddles, Raindrops." The owl is a Natural Life Ocean Scented car air freshener. They came in a pack of three and this one lost most of its scent this week so I traded it out for one of the other ones. I like the pops of color it provides here as well as the sentiment. More rainy flowers, a lottery ticket that did not win but was fun to scratch off and a Smash Quote fill-in-the blank card finish out this page. 

That's the end of Week 18!

Moving on to Nineteen:


I used the Cherish Everyday date card from the PL Clementine kit purposefully because I like the color but also because of the sentiment. There's a lot of everyday happening here. Popcorn and a list of movies we've seen lately, grilling hot dogs, noticing the peonies growing in my neighbor's yard. But also a bit of celebrating; we went out to dinner Monday for our 8 year anniversary. I saved the receipt for the Parking Garage and wrote a bit about dinner on a piece of Reflections card stock. 


Love all the reds here. We have been making an effort to eat more fruits and veggies for our diet. Strawberries are some of my favorites, especially with a bit of goat cheese crumbles. My new obsession. The Sweet Life tag is 7Gypsies. A few months ago I used the Smash Entertainment Pad to record my current playlist and I really liked including what I'm listening to. I've been making monthly playlists on Spotify but here I listed what I've been listening to most this week. 

We went to Bloomington for Mother's Day. The weather was amazing and so I spent some time outside reading, which I've been doing when I can at home, as well. I combined two photographs I'd taken while reading in Photoshop. I layered Ali Edwards' Embracing the Everyday Brushes "So Love These Moments" on top of the two photos in teal, which match the bottom layering I did with the photo of M and her Mom learning how to use her Mother's Day present, the iPhone. I used the PL Original Edition Paper Pack and I really like how part of the flowers show on the corners. The font is Ali's Handwriting Font.

Week Nineteen is in the books.

I'm very excited for Week Twenty because it will include one of my favorite conferences and hopefully some photos with the DSLR. I'm also taking a craft class at the conference on Pinhole Cameras so I'm hoping to have something to share from that. I feel energized and happy about this project again and I'm very glad I didn't give up a few weeks ago when I felt so crummy.