Project Life 2012 Week Eleven

I am now caught up on my PL layouts. Traveling made it really tough to carve out time to create layouts and post about them. I've had Week Ten & Eleven complete for a week or so but didn't get Week Eleven posted until now. I'm participating in a Blog Hop on Thursday, (tomorrow) so I'll probably post Weeks Twelve & Thirteen then. 

For now, let's talk about Week Eleven. It was my Spring Break and though I had plans to visit friends in Virginia, I rescheduled them for campus visits and since I was in Alabama, I went to see my friends and family, which turned out really nice. 

I hate that this picture doesn't do this page justice. I really love this layout.

Traveling South

I haven't used Design C pages much but I am excited about how the design turned out here. The pictures are of Macfarland Park in Florence, which is actually quite pretty. I love the image of the bridge, which in color isn't a terribly intersting shot but in high contrast black and white, it transforms. Because I have a few of the kit cards (Clementine, Turquoise and Cobalt) I was able to use the postcard style card intended for the front page of a PL book. It works well for the travel theme. On the postcard and the green card I used Par Avion Pillow Stickers by E.K. Success. I think I used almost every single sticker over the past few weeks. What I love about this layout is that I feel like the cards help frame the photos in a way that the photos stand out more. The color scheme comes together in a pretty way, too. I used Amy Tan Washi tape on the bottom right because I couldn't find my Tiny Attacher when I was working on this page. It gives the page some texture. 

I hesitated when I was first working on Project Life about adding information about campus visits I wanted this journey I am on to be represented, but I'm also aware of the public-ness of blogging and the risk of sharing this kind of information. I chose to include all the places I traveled both in PL and in my posts. 


On this page I used mostly photos from campus and The Rosenbaum House, one of the only Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Alabama. The paper on the bottom right is from Retro Collage Cardstock as is the journaling on top of it. 



I love the journaling spaces on the Retro Collage cardstock. I used the cardstock in different ways, cutting it into various sizes for the layouts.


After meeting my neice, Grace, M and I traveled to Mobile to see the rest of my family. We stopped by the Botanical Gardens, which I'd never actually been to before. 


So many flowers and butterflies!


I used Ki Memories Lace Cardstock in Eggplant to mirror the swirl pattern on the trellis. I took so many pictures that I probably should have filtered them a bit, but I loved them all. 


These are my awesome friends goofing off and making faces. 


We spent St. Patrick's Day driving in the car, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't celebrate in color!