Drinking: Arizona Cranberry Tea (M and I are obsessed)

Eating: Lime chicken and rice I just finished making

Watching: The Voice, one of my latest vices

Wearing: my daily uniform: t-shirt and jeans

Feeling: Hopeful, for a lot of reasons and Grateful 

Weather: Rainy, 64°

Wanting: to have some kind of footing; everything feels up in the air and temporary right now.

Thinking: about what I'm going to do in class tomorrow


Listening: I'm completely obsessed with Two Door Cinema Club right now and I feel like where the hell I have been that I didn't know about them before. Also, the song Houdini by Foster the People. 


Here's TDCC:


and Houdini, which I personally think is much better than Pumped Up Kicks, so give it a chance.

Wondering: why I create such a mess while cooking; always the dishes, always

Carrying: way too much stuff but mostly obsessed with eos lip balm. I have sweet mint  and honeysuckle honeydew.

Enjoying: the end of a good day


Needing: a maid

Making: brownies! They turned out a little crumbly because I tried making them in the cupcake maker, but they aren't burned. Better than the oven. 


Loving: having sold 2 photographs at Artists Against Aids, the two I had priced the lowest, but still, it's something. Also, pictures of my neice my brother sends every couple of days. 

Taking comfort in: clean sheets with no lingering germs on them


What are your currents?