What I'm Loving

It would be safe to say that I'm a little obsessed right now with the new SSX game for Playstation. 

124/365 SSX Tricky

I spent hours in two days trying to pass one part of the game where you have to race and also not let your character fall off of the cliff. It brings back memories of playing on Nintendo GameCube during Grad School. 


This color scheme (you'll see it reflected in my blog design update).

Gotye's album Making Mirrors (the whole album is amazing; but I really like Eyes Wide Open)

Trying new recipes. 

123/365 Homemade Lasagne

This week I cooked lasagne, which turned out amazing; thanks to my mother-in-law for the recipe.

I also made Southwestern Breadcrumb chicken with rice and edamame. 

I love edamame. 

I'm also loving the warmer weather, the staying light just a little bit longer each day. It's almost Spring Break and I am anticipating our trip. It feels a bit like I've turned a corner out of the winter blues. I can appreciate all the wonders of my life and I'm still loving our 365 photo project as well as Project Life. 

What do you love today?