Project Life 2012 Week Eight

I have had these pictures taken since Sunday or Monday but have been really busy this week, so I haven't had time to sit down and post them. Not a lot of embellishments this week. 

Beginning Week Insert

I used the Design G page protector, which contributed to the photo heaviness of this first page. This page is also a mix of days from the week, Orange tea, my new favorite pens, the empty mailbox from President's Day, sunrise (one of M's pics). I bought the Cobalt kit recently and I have to say, I really, really like being able to mix the kits together. The two top cards come from it. I also attached Martha Stewart and Smash labels to photos. It kind of replaces the journaling I would normally do.


This is my favorite page of the week because I love the fragility of orchids. I went to a local nursery to see what plants and flowers were out. I thought the succulents were very cool and the orchids' colors were amazing. I used the Everyday Moments card from the Turquoise PL kit as well as journaling cards from that kit. The floral embellishments are on top of a card from the Cobalt kit.


I really like the colors in this page. The Thursday card is a free printable from Cathy Zielske. I included a tag from jeans M actually bought this week. (This is a big deal because she never buys clothes). Beside it is a label from a white/blueberry tea I love. We traveled to Missouri because I had an on-campus interview there.


These are pictures from our trip. I like how the ducks look as though they're playing hide-n-seek. 

Saturday Page

We rearranged our bedroom on Saturday because it was way too cold under the window and moving everythin also made it easier to clean. The journaling cards are from the Cobalt kit.