Project Life 2012: Week Nine

With the blog hop this week, tons of good news like the birth of my beautiful neice, Hi Grace!, and preparing for Spring Break trip, then rearranging and completely changing plans, I almost forgot to post Week Nine of Project Life. 

I mentioned this during the blog hop; this first page is interesting because it includes no actual photographs. 


I didn't plan to not include pictures, it just worked out that I had a lot of "stuff" that made sense on this page with the Oscar winners and other pop culture stuff. I'm still obsessed with Angry Birds and am so excited that new levels are coming out.


I went to Lake of the Woods in order to take pictures of the red bridge you see for an "inspired by Monet" assignment. I took several pictures of the bridge but my favorite was actually the one where you see the reflection of the bridge and not the bridge itself. On my walk, I found myself, as usual, enamored with a bird. This time, a robin. I followed one around the gardens, snapping photos the whole time. I love how they look in the 3x4 slots. I used cards from the Cobalt kit here as well as my Dear Lizzy Date stamp. I'm still figuring out how to stamp without smearing or having too much ink coat the stamp. I don't have this problem with larger stamps, but I can't seem to get the date stamp exact. The bird sticker is from Soft Spoken and I really like the combination of the black and white with the color.


Looking at the page now, I think it may be my favorite of the week. The house is the James Millikin Homestead which I pass every day on my way to work. It is a museum (open from April-October) that the campus owns and runs, but I've never been inside nor taken any photographs of it. I journaled about where my thinking about growth and "tending" is at present. Beside the journaling card, I stapled (with the Tiny Attacher) a small card which reads, "Just when the caterpiller thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." I used a Martha Stewart butterfly pattern sticker on top of cardstock from my stash. It's actually the back of one of a completely different cardstock but I'm not sure which one. Once again, I made cupcakes and took them to bowling but we got in "trouble" for having them there which I wrote about  The diamond pattern card is from the Cobalt kit. The sticker on top is from an owl embellishment set.


On Wednesday, we went to this very cool dinner at the student-run restaurant on U of I's campus. For students in the Hospitality Management program, the restaurant provides real-world experience and they are involved in the planning, production and management of each week's theme. They consult with and bring in chefs. It was pretty good, I thought and I'd like to go back. I snagged the menu once the manager said we could take one. She was proud of their design; very faintly you can see an anchor in the background. 


I'm using the Turquoise kit from last year as my binder. The dividers came with the kit and I really dig them. This is March's and I chose to use it in the middle of the week because it was accurate with when March began. I used Design G again, which is quickly becoming a favorite. The top journal card is from the Cobalt kit and I just stuck an embellishment I had in my stash that I'd been wanting to use on top of the card. Next to it is a Smash Entertainment pad where I wrote about our dinner experience. I really like the date cards in the Cobalt kit and the Cherish the everyday card is one of them. I used the date stamp that came with last year's kit and also stapled the wrapper from this delicious chocolate we took M's grandmother this week who was in the hospital. I used cardstock (Reflections Light Blue Check, which is the pattern on the back; I preferred the circles) to create a March card. I used two different kinds of embellishments but I like how they look together and that it reads March Memories so I went with it. The Memories embellishment is from the Soft Spoken Owl Smile Embellishment set. The March is from a Reflections set of months. I desperately needed to clean out and the wash the car so instead of buying M flowers, like I wanted to, I cleaned the car. This pink and blue picture is from the car wash.  


I continue to use Martha Stewart label stickers when I don't have space for or don't want to use a whole card. M's mom cut my hair for me on Friday and then I decided to dye it. I took a picture once it was done. It doesn't look drastically different but I do like the richness of the color and think it looks more even and less gray than it did. Behind the label is citrus cardstock. The picture of Michelle is from a lunch break and I jokingly repeated that this is what I usually see of her at lunch, playing games on her phone. She loves Draw Something right now. One of the photo challenges last week was to photograph airplanes. In Bloomington they have a small aviation museum with some planes that you can actually go inside if you so desire; we didn't. But we did want to take some photographs of them. 

And that's Week Nine.