Project Life 2012 Week Five

Hello February! 


I did a lot less digitally this week and much more with pictures and embellishments. I used a fabric Smash tab on the top of the box my owl ring came in and I also added a RememberThis sticker and a Monday sticker from the Clementine kit to the box top. We went downtown on Monday and took pictures. We browsed a local thrift store where I found the owl ring, which M says look like a professor so we had to get it. There were a few birds perched on the brick wall outside one of the parking lots and even though the picture of the bird taking flight is blurry, there is something I loved about it. I used some stickers from stash with birds and swirls to make a note of what I'm grateful for this week. The bottom left is a picture of a sculpture in downtown Champaign that I've always thought was interesting. I used a Smash tab on the top on the picture and I love how it turned out.


I used a blue sharpie to write "hello february" on a card from the Turquoise kit. I used Martha Stewart's Owl Embosser to cut and emboss owl shapes, which I glued to the card. The diamond cut out is from a Martha Stewart punch that was harder to punch than I imagined and think I need a much harder surface if I'm going to do more with it. 


I am not happy with any of the pictures I got of this page. Every Tuesday, Michelle and I bowl in a league. I took a picture of our score, not because I did great but because I wanted to capture that part of our weeks that haven't appeared in PL at all. I had the bowling embellishments in my stash. I included the Go Red for Women pin and part of the card it was attached to on a card from the Clementine kit. 


I journaled with the sharpie on a Clementine card. I stuck a clear journal sticker on top of it. I don't love it but I like that I'm capturing the everyday with this page: Culver's treat!, blue skies, bowling, February days.

 A February flower and Amazon mailing slip from an awesome surprise birthday book from my friend, Sandy, finishes off this page. 


More Smash! products in use below.


We grilled in February! I used the chicken the next day in pasta and it was really, really good.

I included a quote card from Smash with a quote by Georgia O'Keefe that I read in O magazine this week. "I decided to start anew, to strip away what I had been taught."

The Live, Dream card is from the PL Clementine kit as is the black lettered card behind the Smash envelope. The Fabulous card is a blank Smash pad. I like how the background of the card ties in with the picture of the typewriter I took. I brought the typewriter home from my office at school, the first step in cleaning out. 


This page makes me happy. I don't often use the bigger kit cards in place of photos but I liked how the blue sky picture from Friday looked in the 2 4x3 spaces in the middle of the page. I finally got a pedicure which made me happy and my feet were happy, too. The "Be Bold" is a screenshot of my desktop, which I changed for February and is something I'm trying to remember as a mantra. I love the color scheme of the kit card with the Soft Spoken Ellen Krans Smile stickers on it.

Blind Pilot Saturday!

Saturday, I went to the Blind Pilot concert and had an amazing time. I started 3 blog posts about it but words couldn't express what I was feeling. I only had my camera phone so the pictures weren't great. Luckily, I pulled the one of the lead singer off the venue website and printed it for my PL album. At the concert, I got the new album which I took a picture of. 


I used larger cards from the Clementine kit to journal how very cool the concert was as well as a Smash pad. 


The colors for this page ended up really muted. I like the postcard-style "always remember" journaling card from the Clementine Kit. I definitely want to hang on to the memory of that night. I saved my ticket stub and arm band, as well.

I haven't been very structured about when each week begins and ends. Typically, I think of it like Sunday-Saturday but sometimes it works Monday-Sunday. I usually spend Sunday and Monday building the album pages for the previous week. This Sunday was one where M worked so I spent time working on presentations and putting PL together. And for me, this means it will be the first page for Week Six.

After almost six weeks of doing this, which I can't believe, I'm still really excited to complete the pages. I appreciate that M gets in on the act, saving ephemera for me, reminding me what pictures I could include. Before the year is out, I'm going to have her journaling.

When my froze and wouldn't come back to life yesterday, I thought, "well, this little adventure should be reflected in PL." I look at my world completely differently and I am made more aware of moments as they happen that I want to remember, that I let myself feel completely so I can write about them later. I am much more "on the watch" in this respect. I think this is what Becky Higgins means about cultivating a good life and recording it.