Project Life 2012 Week Four

When I sit down each week with all the stuff collected from my daily goings on, I'm always surprised at how many pages I use to create the story of the week. As I've said before, I also love the reflective practice of seeing my week in images, thinking of the stories that accompany them, and ultimately, realizing how lucky I am. Last week was my birthday so there was a lot of fun stuff going on. It was also the first week of classes for the semester so I was really busy. 


This page frames the week for me in many ways. I stacked up the books I'm using for classes this semester and it was inteeresting to see the titles side by side. I want to do this every semester as well as periodically in my personal life, to see how what I'm reading "stacks up." The glass is a picture I took for a photo challenge of taking a picture of a glass of water. It's fingernail polish in warm water but kind of looks/acts like a lava lamp. It is not what I intended I read on Pinterest that would happen but it worked out better for what I wanted to do. What I really love about this page is how it's just daily stuff. Books for classes, photo challenges/experiments, a picture Michelle took of me for a different photo challenge. I used a Smash! Pad card to list the music I am loving right now. I want to do more of recording what I'm reading/listening to/ watching. I included the picture of the Hope ornaments that have been laying in a stack on my side table for about a month now. I wanted to include it and I took the picture in order to represent a conversation M and I had about being disappointed. 

"I don't know if I really want to be excited," I said, "because I'll end up so disappointed if things don't work out."

"You're going to be disappointed, anyway," she reminds me. "Why deny yourself the joy of being excited. Have a little hope."

She's totally, totally right. And I have been thinking about that since then both in terms of the work this semester but also just what is to come in our lives with moving and uprooting and looking for jobs. Have a little hope. 

There are a lot of cool tones in the layout for the week. Much more pinks than I would have predicted.


The birthday fun begins! I included a label from a birthday present I received as well as a picture of the letter opener my mom sent me. The label is stuck to purple cardstock from my stash and taped with Like This! and  Black Dots Smash tape and the label at the bottom is from Smash's Caption kit.  This is the first time I've used the folded journaling cards from the PL kit (Clementine version) and I enjoyed writing out the story of my birthday week. I also used the design card with the saying "today is beautiful" from the PL kit. I love the colors!

I used the cupcake maker I got for my birthday and made cupcakes. I used some Martha Stewart Cake Mixer stickers from my stash and instead of a journaling card made a scrapbook-y sticker card. I couldn't decide if I liked it. I would put it in and take it out but finally, decided to leave it.

I received a few birthday cards in the mail and wanted to include them in a smaller pocket. The one I used is Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Secure-top Sheet page protector. You can get them at Staples. 


With the birthday cards, I included a tag from a shirt I bought with a Macy's gift card (from my dad), an iTunes gift card from one of my students, ribbons from balloons (you'll see those in a second), and I printed some Facebook messages including one showing my Spotify subscription renewal, a present from M.


This page protector/pocket is perfect for these kinds of things and I can see myself using  them again in the future. 

I'm really enjoying using different sized protectors. Below, I used the American Crafts 4x6 protector. I really love this insert here. 


I used one of the title cards from the Clementine edition of PL. The balloon and present stickers are Martha Stewart Crafts, Cake and Birthday Cupcake stickers as is the Birthday Cake in the middle. (I'm using a lot of Martha Stewart this week!) The cake is on Die Cuts with a view Citrus Stack cardstock 8x8. I cut it to 4x6. 

I made cupcakes again and used a wooden owl from Michael's as birthday topper. I love how the pinks work so well together on this page. 


A close up of the top title page shows you the 34 in numbered brads from Smash.

On the back, I included a few shots from my birthday dinner which didn't fit into the page detailing the meal. It's not chronological but it's recorded. 


Man was that dessert amazing! 


This is probably my favorite page from the week. Michelle bought me birthday balloons and we took pictures in outside because it was warm enough to be outside without coats on. A few of the 4x3 cards on this page are from the Turquoise edition of PL and I like being able to mix material from the kits together. The Happy Day sticker is a Soft Spoken Themed Embellishment. Skittles are my absolute favorite and I treated myself to them in honor of my birthday. Definitely, happy day.

I included the Oprah logo from the magazine this month because it was pink and I'd cut it out for some reason. I like the "Live Your Best Life" logo and stapled a Smash Label to it using Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher

M took me to the movies, which almost never happens. We saw Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close. It was really good. Our friend, Sondra came along. I saved the  tickets and stuck them in the Ki 3x3 keepsake holder, which is on a piece of the Clementine kit 4x3 cardstock. I used the Citrus card stock once again along with Martha Stewart Home with Avery Labels and a sticker from my stash to express all the ways I'm celebrating myself during my birthday week. 


One way was eating delicious food. M and I went to Luna for my birthday and the food was amazing. Luna was participating in Center City Restaurant Week and so they had some special menus including a tapas sampler, which we ordered along with a few other tapas choices. It was unbelievably good and reasonably priced. I definitely want to go back again. 

We had artichoke with brie, fries with truffle oil and parmesan, walnut goat cheese balls with honey, proscuttio-wrapped scallop with some kind of puree and sweet jam, duck confit ravioli, gnocchi, and a dessert sample which included Ghirardelli mousse, berry tart and pear tart. 

(Oh, in the picture of me above, I'm wearing my new Calvin Klein shirt from Macy's.) 

I created a list of 34 things I want to do while 34 and printed the image I made in Photoshop for a smaller page protector. This is a 6x6 protector from American Crafts. I had to repunch one of the holes to make it line up the way I wanted in the album, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. 


I wrapped up the week using more Citrus cardstock (this piece sparkles a little) and a title card from the Clementine kit. I wrote a brief reminder of a conversation with my grandmother who isn't doing well but who remembered my birthday. We talked about butterflies and so I included one here. It's also from Martha Stewart.


What I like about this page is the various tectures working together. What I don't like is my handwriting. 


 Project Life Clementine Edition 

Becky Higgins Design A Protector Pages

American Crafts 4x6 Page Protector

American Craftz 6x6 Page Protector

Dots Smash Tape

I Like This! Smash Tape 

Martha Stewart Birthday Stickers

Soft Spoken Happy Day

Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher

Die Cuts With a View Citrus Stack

Martha Stewart Baking Stickers

Smash Pad Entertainment

Smash Captions & Label

Martha Stewart for Avery Clear Secure Top Protectors

Ki 3x3 Designer Keepsake Holders (Damask Pattern)