Project Life 2012 Week Seven

Every blog I read about Project Life lately talks about how much the author is still in love with the system. I wholeheartedly agree. I think what surprises me is that I look forward to working on it each week instead of feeling like I have to do it. Maybe it's the right time in my life for this kind of project, or perhaps my word for the year, tend, is helping me think differently about it. It could be that it is easy to use, modify, figure out and there is so much freedom to make it my own, or the community of people working on the project alongside me. (It seems like it has exploded since I first heard about it.) I think that all of these things have come together for me this time around. Of course, I say this 7 weeks in. The year is a long one and we will get busier, but I hope I can continue this habit. It brings me joy, shakes me with gratefulness, and leaves me eager each week to share it.

This week was a bit weird because we dog/housesat and so we weren't at home much.  


I cut one of the Design B Photo Pages because I only wanted a small insert here and I didn't have as many 4x6 portrait oriented photos this week. I really love the Pink Paislee Cupid Postcards  I got mine at a local store in Champaign called Prairie Gardens which I think is associated with Jeffrey Alans but Pink Paislee's websites says these are retired, as is much of their collection I worked with during the week. I moved this insert several times because it doesn't mark that a new week has started with any kind of date stamp or anything and could certainly seem like a continuation of the previous week. It also didn't actually begin the week; the page behind it of the Grammys did, but I finally left it here at the start because, in my mind, it frames the week.


Back of insert. Though it has been a bit colder, these buds appeared on the trees outside of one of the classrooms. I was talking about them with students who told me they only bloom once a year and if they bud too early, it's unlikely we'll see the beautiful flowers in the spring. 


I printed off a list of the Grammy Winners and included it (front and back) in an 8.5 x 11 insert. 

Grammy Sunday

I was really excited about watching the Grammy's this year because I adore Adele and I knew she was singing for the first time since her throat surgery. I was ecstatic that she did so beautifully and won so many awards. I printed the picture of Adele from the Grammy website. Beside it is a printable journaling card from which is also where I got the Week of card. I stamped the dates using Inkadinkado Months & Days clear stamps. Many of the PL posts I read included news of Whitney Houston's death in their Week 6 layouts but I included it here because of the tribute on the Grammys. Underneath, I used a Clementine kit card and attached a sticker that reads "Life is an amazing gift." The heart with it is a Deja View clear heart, not sure which collection it's from. The bottom left is from the cardstock in the Clementine kit. I cut it to the 4x6 size. I used the Dear Lizzy Roller Date Stamp to stamp the date but I didn't realize it was set to the wrong year, so I wrote over the wrong dates. M got a PC she can game on and I bought her a laptop desk as an early Valentine's Day present so now when we watch TV together I see her face behind the screen.

For some reason I cannot get a good picture of this page. I took this one on my phone and you can see a bit more of the details than the other pictures I tried of it, but it still isn't great.


The orange is so much richer than this picture shows. I found myself wanting to write more this week, despite the very picture heavy layouts you'll see. I used one of the fold-up journaling cards from the Clementine kit and just wrote across the fold to use here. The top picture is of a hawk, which I was so excited to finally capture on film. I wrote about how I see hawks on my way to work every day and always wish I could stop to take a picture. This hawk was just hanging out in my neighborhood, across the street at my neighbors! 

The mason jar is a Dear Lizzy Neopolitan stamp. I was playing around with it, not sure if or how I was going to use it. I liked the way it looked on this small cardstock. Inside of it is a DejaView Love clear cut out. I stapled it using my Tiny Attacher. Behind it, I wrote on the back of a Clementine journaling card from the previous page. 

The bottom orange card I cut from Citrus card stock. I stapled more Dejaview clear cuts on top and added a clear quote sticker, which I cannot find the name of anywhere. 

I like that this page has pictures of Michelle. We were goofing around shopping for sunglasses one afternoon and when I posted the picture on facebook, everyone said M looked like someone different. The bottom picture is of M getting some Nora time in after I babysat on Monday while she was at work, she wanted her baby fix, too. 


I used a Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Secure Top Sheet protectors to collect the Valentine's Day cards and ephemera. Michelle wrote me a Valentine's message on the back of a receipt. She also gave me Lady and the Tramp, which I haven't seen in so long. 


The back of the envelope showcases a card from Dillon and Charlotte as well as the card I got Michelle peeking behind it. I love these little envelopes that hold this kind of stuff. 


This is probably my favorite page. I love all the hearts and also the cardstock colors. The striped cardstock is Pink Paislee Bow and Arrow from the Cupid Collection. On top is another Pink Paislee Cupid postcard, attached with Pink Paislee Bella Brads. Next to it is a Pink Paislee postcard of "10 Things I Love About You" where I wrote what I love about M. 

The heart stickers are Martha Stewart.



The photo challenge for the week was heart-shaped and I was determined to find hearts for interesting pictures. I drew a heart on the window after my shower and I totally love the simplicity of the shot. We made Valentine's Funfetti cupcakes for bowling. M shaped them in a heart for her picture. 

The Happy Valentine's Day card is also Pink Paislee Cupid postcard. It's on top of Imaginisce Love Me, Game of Love card stock. I wrote a few of the highlights from our Valentine's Day together and stamped the date using the Dear Lizzy stamp. 


I also really like this page. We went to a local popcorn shop in Decatur and tried the popcorn my students rave about. It was a little rainy and gloomy outside but I snapped a picture of the sign because it's bright with neon and old fashioned bulbs and there's something about it I really like. I used the Pixl-r-matic app on my phone for the picture as well as for the picture of the earphones on the bottom. Beside the popcorn pic I attached a bag from Del's to the back of the cardstock from the previous page. I love that Paislee Press has such beautiful two-sided card stock. 


On top of the yellow bag is a Heather Bailey for Paper Bliss 3-D embellishment where I wrote about our small adventure. I ripped some of the paper while trying to figure out where to put what on this card so on top of the rip, I stuck a Dear Lizzy Thoughtful Remarks embellishment. 


Again, I used a Clementine journaling card (unfolded) to write about the middle of the week. Beside the card is a Clementine card with a Making Memories Je t'Adore Amour Banner and another clear quote about love. I wasn't sure about this card and kept trying to put with Valentine's Day but I kept moving it back to this page. I guess to encapsulate the way the week was about celebrating love and life and all the stuff in-between.