OLW Blog Hop: February

Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop for February. You'll find a list of participants as well as the next participant at the end of this post.

Each year since 2009, I've participated along with countless others in choosing a word to frame my goals and intentions for the year ahead. As an English major and avid reader and storyteller, I spend my days in language, swimming in words and the emotions that go along with trying to say something. Using a word to focus my attention for the year has been an amazing journey. Some times the words have resonated or worked better than others. 2009's was enrich; 2010 was the phrase: "live in the moment." 2011 was thrive, a word which both failed and succeeded due to life/work circumstances. Sometimes, the words have manifested in fascinating ways and I am amazed at the end of each year when I look back. 

One of the reasons, I don't think thrive worked for me completely is that it never resonated in the way that other words have. It was about something external, at least that's how I thought of it and where it originated. And while I feel that I thrived personally in many ways there were many disappointments I still haven't completely recovered from. That's why this year I've chosen, "tend." And as I mentioned before, I aim to pay attention to my world, the people in it and do and say and feel things that help me to nurture all of it. One way I'm doing that is in Ali Edwards' One Little Word class from Big Picture Classes, which has been different for me this time around. I tried taking it last year and didn't finish. I also didn't participate much in the community. I'm trying to be better about that and this Blog Hop is one way to do that. 

So, I'm using my OLW album from last year and some of the materials from my stash from last year and that I've collected over the years. I'm also participating in Becky Higgins' Project Life and have materials from that though I haven't mined it for this project, yet. 

My first page looks like this: 


It would be safe to say that I'm obsessed with owls. I collect them, I guess. It started when I was redesigning the blog a while back and asked my sister-in-law to design some owls for me and it took off from there. Of course, I'm lucky because they are really popular right now. I found these owl stickers by La Petites/Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby and loved them because for some reason I metaphorize owls as being animals on the watch, aware, able and ready to tend. I plan using a lot of owls, birds, etc to extend this metaphor. I used chipboard sticker letters also from Hobby Lobby in a goldish brown to match the owls and because I liked the look of the font. 


This is the back of the first page. I outlined Ali's template in black because the white was getting lost in my picture. I love this picture. I took it the first week in January when my friend's children were visiting us. We were playing with glitter and jump pictures, which was tending both to my creative side and my inner child. I redesigned my blog icon and some of my Twitter page to fit what I captured here in this picture. You can't see them very closely, but around the holes on this page are Tim Holtz reinforcers. I punched the hole to close to the edge and it was ripping a bit with each spin, so I used the reinforcers, which I really ended up liking. 

My first full page with the prompt cards and definitions is here:


And a closer view: 


Take Time

The middle is probably my favorite. I used cardstock from my stash and a sticker that reads "Take Time for what you Love, " which for me is what tending is all about, whether it's to take photographs, make cupcakes, read, sing in the car, send my friend a birthday card, say Thank You each day, tell my love what she means to me or taking a really long, hot shower. 


The grass embellishment is by Jolee's from Michael's. The envelope is also from Michael's; not sure what brand. Inside the envelope is a note I wrote to myself, saying, "Dear Devon, You are awesome."


I love this grey print. I'm a fan of keys, especially skeleton keys. This one  is a Martha Stewart Crafts Modern Damask key embellishment. The stickers are Soft Spoken but I'm not sure how old they are because they were in my stash. 

So far, I've enjoyed this process of seeking words, definitions, getting to know the meanings and roots of my word. I'm fascinated by etymology and I feel like it's important to understand all the ways that tend can work its way into my daily life. I didn't and still don't really have a color scheme in mind, here. I'm going more with what symbolizes and represents "tend" to me. However, I'm loving the greens, blues and oranges of the middle panel. Blue is my favorite color so I'd be surprised if it's not present in some way each month. 

I look forward to seeing how February goes but I feel good about what I've done for January and I often refer back to the words here, particularly as I consider what I am inviting into my life. 

How are you inviting your word or word(s) into your life? What would a visualization of that look like? If you haven't already, join us in the OLW Classroom at Big Picture Classes

Your next stop is: Donna

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