Project Life 2012 Week Six

Each week, I look forward to Sundays and Mondays when I work on Project Life. It's a time that I spend alone, going over my week, printing pictures, reflecting on how amazing and full and rich my life is, reminding myself that no matter what else is going on, I am a damn lucky girl. 

I do not plan my color scheme or even which page layout I will use. I let the pictures I've taken guide me. I've always approached scrapbooking in a kind of creative chaos way. I do collect ephemera throughout my week, sometimes mail, sometimes receipts, sometimes a thought or image I want to remember. I've been trying to be more conscious about collecting these pieces and M pitches in regularly even if she does tease me about it. There are so many ways to do Project Life and that's what I love about it. I enjoy reading what others are doing because I like to be inspired, and think of ways I might interpret or use some of the same techniques, approaches and ideas. One of the things I saw a few weeks ago was including pieces of the news and I've wanted to do more of this but can't exactly find my entry point. I did, however, begin week 6 with the Superbowl which M and I watched together. 

Superbowl Sunday layout

There isn't much here but I wanted to use the word bubbles (from Me & My Big Ideas) and Reflections' bird embellishments (found at Michael's) so I included them on top of a Turquoise edition cards. Most of the cards on this page are from that kit to match the blue in the Superbowl screenshot. 

Page 2 Week Six

There's a lot of blue in the color scheme this week. I gravitated to it perhaps to reflect the cold and frost that descended upon the week. Blue is also my favorite color.

M took the picture of me at the top for a Photo Challenge and it's one of my favorites. I love the lighting in it. The quote is a print from Jessica Swift which is gorgeous and reasonably priced at $20. The grass and leaves are covered in frost so I created a card using white card stock and some Deja View Clear Cut Winter snowflake embellishments I had in my stash. The gumballs are actually bouncy balls from our collection which I used for a distorted lens photo challenge. The T-Mobile packaging is from my replacement phone I ordered when my previous phone died on me. It froze up and never came back to life. I wrote about the incident on a card from the Turquoise edition. Beside that is some of my favorite damask design paper from my stash, (My Mind's Eye Best of Damask) a Reflections' flower embellishment and I cut one of the Clementine cards into the size I wanted so I could write on it. I think the colors blend better in person. 

I traveled to Rhode Island for an interview and it was amazing and beautiful. 

Traveling page

I took the picture of the clouds as we were taking off from Springfield. The neon lights I snapped on the people mover walking from one terminal to the next in O'Hare. The picture doesn't do them justice at all; they change periodically and as you're walking through it creates a very cool effect. I cut down a few of the pictures to fit into the 3x4 size.The middle one is an anchor sculpture on the boardwalk of the Harbor near my hotel. I love nautical stuff so I couldn't resist taking a picture, but on its own it wasn't a very interesting photograph. Ali Edwards talks about being an agressive cropper and I certainly think it worked well in this case. I cut the picture of rain sluicing down the plane window so it fit in 2 3x4; I've done that a lot in this week and I really like the effect. On top of the picture is a Martha Stewart Crafts Modern Damask label.  I took all of these pictures on an old cell phone (remember, mine was frozen). I used cards from the Turquoise kit as background for my handwritten notes, a  tag from my plane-side checked luggage and my ticket. 

Rhode Island page

The previous page was travel-related and this one is meant to showcase some of what I saw in Rhode Island, the water, the bridges, the boats. I took a picture of a boat in the Harbor near my hotel; the other images are postcards. Again, I cut one in two so I could fit it in here. I used a Clementine card as well as a Smash Entertainment card to record my thoughts and the food I don't want to forget. Below is the Clementine date card which I stamped. It smeared as I slid it into the sleeve but I left it. I cut a Clementine card to fit on the envelope so I could write about the thank you note I received for a shower gift I sent. 

V'day Weekend dinner

On Friday, after a long day of traveling, M and I went to a Valentine's  Dinner as a fundraiser for the UP Center. We ate at the 5:30 dinner and volunteered at the door for the second dinner, which was fun. Our friend, Tamra, took these pictures of us and I love them. The billboard photo on the top right is a picture of the Adams' Sky Gallery, where six artists were chosen to have their work displayed on various billboards around town. This is the only one I've seen so far and it's on the way to M's work. The You & Me folder is a Soft Spoken embellishment I had in my stash and I've been wanting to use it. A small card slides out and I wrote about our dinner on it. It sits on top of Reflections' hot pink damask cardstock.

I had a few things left over like our tickets that I wanted to display so I used an American Crafts insert.

Class it Up 2

Behind the tickets and our table cards is Citrus cardstock. It has an interesting texture that doesn't show up here but I liked the colors.

Back of 4x6  page

This is the back of the insert where I just played with things I had to sum up the week. The middle picture M took while it was snowing. It's a view we don't pay attention to, that of our mailbox. We don't use the front door often at all. I don't know why but I really like the image. Above it is Chocolat Mon Coeur (foil) cardstock from S.E.I I cut to fit 4x6. The bottom embellishments are on Citrus stack cardstock and one of my favorites from the collection. The valentine-y owl I've had a long time and I have no idea where it's from. 

It was a busy week and I am incredibly thankful for this project so that I could record it. 

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