all I have to bring

I have always had mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. I appreciate a chance to celebrate all the people I love but I know it's a holiday that has become commercialized and full of expectations. In the past, Michelle and I would plan Valentine weekends for one another. As our lives and schedules got busier, we've done smaller things like the Valentine's Dinner fundraiser for the UP center we attended recently. We also volunteered during the later dinner, which was a nice way to give back and spend time together. 

It's important because we lead hectic lives, as we all do, to take the time I can to say I love you with my whole heart. I love the sentiment in this poem of bringing one's heart to situations. If we did more of this in our daily lives, the world would be a different place. This is one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson; I hope you enjoy it and find a way to bring your heart to everyone you meet today.