10 things Tuesday: stuff I missed while traveling

I used to post 10 things Tuesday every once and a while and now that #reverb11 is over, I want to commit to blogging more regularly and doing these kinds of features is one way to challenge myself. I'd been planning to write a post about becoming aware of the kinds of creature comforts I found myself missing. So here we go and in no particular order. 

1. My bed. I probably missed my bed the most because it's incredibly comfortable and perfect for my sleep habits.

2. Cooking tools. I was showing my mom how to make my baked potato soup and I realized how much I rely on my Tupperware peeler, really sharp, nice knives and cutting boards. I also missed my large slow cooker, which is easy to clean.

3. Shampoo, shower gel. Because I wasn't checking a bag and only traveled with a carry-on, I had to only take liquids 2 oz and under so I didn't take my shampoo or shower gels, though I do think I have a few shower gels that would have fit the requirements. It was nice to return to my great showerhead, water pressure and other luxuries.

4. My car. Borrowing my mom's car was a bit of a pain. I hated feeling like I was preventing her from getting things done. I also couldn't do whatever I wanted on my own time, like run to Starbucks for a tea, for example.

5. The Keurig. Even though I haven't used mine much lately, I still use it when I want some hot tea at the end of the day or a jolt of caffeine in the morning. With the exception of the night I spent with Lana and Quin who made me Jamaican Blue coffee, I seriously missed my little machine.

6. Sleep machine. Oh my gosh, who knew there were so many weird necessities to my routine? I am on my second sleep machine because the first one died when we had a power outage. The new one doesn't have as many variations of sound but it still has rain, which is what I use most often.

7. The first snow. I never thought I would be sad about missing snow and give me a few weeks and I will be cursing it. But I was really sad that the first real snow happened while I was gone.

8. Routine. I never really thought I'd live on a routine but I do. And while it's nice to not to have a schedule, I did miss the daily things I do, even silly things like watching GMA while reading blogs each morning were thrown off. 

9. My camera. I had the point and shoot with me though I did not use it. Instead, I used my phone to take my 365 pictures. I missed the control I have with the DSLR, especially on the last morning when I noticed intricate spider webs in one of the trees. My phone did not even come close. 

10. Michelle. Of course! But it's a good kind of missing, you know? We spend so much time together that it is nice to have space to miss one another and share your day.