#reverb 12, #cultivate 12: letting go & making way

The prompt from #cultivate12 asks "what do you need to let go of to cultivate your best life in 2013." I'm going one step further and considering a question from previous reverb(s): 

What are things your life doesn’t need in 2013?
How will you go about eliminating them?
How will getting rid of these things change your life?
If you did Reverb11, how are you making out on your 12 Things from last year? (Sam Davidson)

You can see how I answered this during Reverb11 here. One of the things I like about participating in these reflective practices is seeing, over time, what I have accomplished, what I have thought, been anxious about and how that has changed or evolved over time. 

So things to let go of for 2013.

1. Sugar. I have a serious sweet tooth and I've cut back significantly on the amount and frequency of sweets I eat but I think I could focus on eliminating more.

2. Mail Clutter. Since moving, I feel like stuff is everywhere without any kind of designated spot. I have mail in my car, my bags, two different places in the living room. It never seems to end. I need to do a better job of keeping track of and designating a place for what is important and just throw away what isn't. Also, trying to go paperless for as many bills as possible would go a long way to decreasing how much mail comes in to my space.

3. Any preconceived notions I had regarding what my life would be like so I can enjoy what I have. 

4. Continue to let go of envy/comparison, which is part of 3 is about, too. This is a tough one for me but I'm conscious of it and working on it. 

5. My vision of what I want people to be and try to better accept everyone as they are. I want to be less judgmental and more understanding. 

6. Insecurity and fears that hold me back

7. Shoes and clothes I can not or do not wear. 


Last year, I worked to eliminate the following


1. Magazines. I converted many of my subscriptions to digital ones and I think I'm down to magazines I read regularly, but my mailbox is small so it still fills up relatively frequently. 

2. People trying to make their issues my problem. I battled this pretty well in 2012. I've become a lot less tolerant of students who try to do this and driven a relatively hard line where this is concerned. 

3. Envy/Comparison. I am still combating this as you can see from my 2013 list. 

4. Books I gave away a lot of books and plan to donate more to the Friends of Library Sale next month.

5. Hanging on to what might have been. For the particular situation I was referencing here, I have completely let go. But I want to do a bit more paying attention and being grateful for my world now, my life now, and resisting that pull to what I imagined.

6. The notion that I am in control. Yeah, I'd say I learned this lesson, big time. 

Six things I am inviting into my life in 2013 

1. Poetry

2. Publications

3. Hope

4. Deepening friendships/relationships, connections

5. Readers (my readership has increased and I've made new connections with bloggers that I would like to continue and build on).

6. Open doors