I am in the details

I just finished teaching an online course on storytelling for business students. One of the things they struggled with was writing narratives where they explored the question Who Am I? They did not want to tell one story to define themselves. We are complex creatures and resist labeling, being placed in boxes and categories. We don't like being known as one thing, even though the strongest pieces of our personalities are what we're remembered for. I think it's wonderful that as humans, we both fit into and defy, search for and deconstruct definitions of ourselves. Identity is fluid. Who we are today may not be who we are tomorrow, though certain traits, in my case, rebeliousness, being stubborn, loving music, yearning, telling stories, seem to stick. 

A few days ago, Lindsey posted some details about herself and invited her readers to share their own. I love little details, minutaie of life. I find it utterly fascinating. Here are some details about me that you may not know. 

One of my favorite sounds is the sound of waves against the shore. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and feel like I will always be a water baby. I love swimming, took lessons and learned to dive properly, though I don't like jumping into water, at all. I'm also an Aquarius, the water bringer. 

I don't like most vegetables, though I'm getting better at trying different ones and expanding my food tastes in general. I could eat squash and zucchini everyday, and probably okra. I'm a fan of blueberries and blackberries, almost all fruit except grapefruit and cantaloupe. 

I am useless with peanut butter and jelly. I always end up poking holes in the bread, no matter which strategy of spreading I employ. It's ridiculous.

I would never survive in the wild for any amount of time without books or music. I would also probably be stupid and wander too far from the last place I was seen and no one would ever find me. I have a terrible sense of direction and have no idea how to read a map or compass. I have zero survival skills. 

I can be self-righteously indignant at the drop of a hat. And calm just as quickly... sometimes. I have a quick temper and a quicker mouth. I say things I shouldn't often. I'm working on being better about how I speak and what I say but sometimes, the tone just slips out before I realize it. 

I judge people who mispell words. 

My grandmother and great grandmother taught me to cook. And how to entertain. 

I know almost nothing about science, the planets, weather, etc. 

I'm pretty gullible for someone who thinks of herself as cynical.

The Alice in Wonderland books were my favorite childhood stories. I also loved Jungle Book and The Rescuers but was terrified of Pinocchio.

I adore the word whimsical.

When I was younger, my brother and I got presents on one another's birthday so not to feel left out. We also had the privilege of icing and decorating our own cakes. 

I may seem cold, tough, and rebellious but I'm totally a marshmallow. Totally.