Project Life 2012 Week Three

Even though I spent a lot of the weekend prepping for classes and finalizing syllabi, I devoted part of Sunday and last night to working on Project Life. What I have enjoyed so far about this process is that I can reflect on the week or week(s) that have passed. I can see a tangible representation of moments and I realize how incredibly amazing my life is even with all of the uncertainty, chaos and stress that daily routines bring. This process is asking me to stop and look at all that surrounds me. So far, I'm enjoying the process and am appreciative of the reminder to tend to my life, my relationships. For me, a part of that is recording them as they unfold. To know what I have while I have it

I begin with our Photo Walk, which turned eventful when I lost my wallet and keys; (they were connected). I was overwhelmed by how helpful everyone was who helped us look for them and gave us rides while we figured out what to do next. It was important for me to be grateful in such a crisis moment; I steered myself toward those feelings instead of beating myself up (though, admittedly) there was some of that, too. 



I used the 4x6 protectors from American Crafts. The middle card is from Becky Higgins' Clementine kit and I glued a Happiness overlay and a small heart from K & Company from my stash on top. I love the picture of me with some of the girls from the Photo Walk because it's a picture of me with a camera and my robot hat on. 

 Insert back

The back of this are pictures from the week, trying to get bubbles to freeze; (it didn't work), and pictures of Nora when we babysat on Friday.

I included my blog post about how grateful I was for everyone who came to our rescue with the lost keys/wallet situation. I used an 81/2 x 11 protector from Staples. I created a kind of frame using Haiku's Handwriting font. I cut and pasted the post into an 8x8 square in Photoshop and repeated the process for the back, where I continue the blog post. I used a Thankful sticker from Ellen Krans on the bottom, which helps add dimension to an otherwise flat page. 


 As I mentioned in my last Project Life post, one of the things I love about these pages is having a place to put daily ephemera. In the picture below is a grocery list, a piece of the packaging from our new locks set, the card from the police department and my replacement Starbucks card postcard as well as small journaling cards where I explain the process of losing and not finding my keys and all the stuff that goes in-between.


A close-up of the page. I like this top picture of my shadow, because it shows my keys/wallet dangling out of my pocket. In Photoshop I overlayed text on the photo using a recently found font, Joy Like Sunshine Through my Window. The last line reads, "Goodbye keys and wallet".  


Recently, Ali Edwards shared a tip for printing 2 4x3 pictures to fit into the 4x6 page protector. I love this idea because I want to use various protectors and thus, layouts for my album. I often take a few pictures that are oriented for portrait rather than landscape and I'm never sure what to do with the additional 4x6 slots or how to fill them. Using 2 pictures instead of one does the trick and this week, I've really liked how they turned out on the page below. I also utilized the suggestion to fill in the 4x3 slots with pictures instead of journaling.  

This may be my favorite page this week:


I like this page for several reasons. One is that it's just a mix of everyday stuff like the books I'm reading right now including Marriage Rules and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Over the picture I used Ali Edwards' Embracing the Everyday brushes, which inspired the theme of this page and so, are used generously here.

The other reason I am drawn to this page is that I'm obsessed with shades of orange right now. The background for the top left is from the Clementine Kit. I used Amy Tangerine striped orange washi tape to affix the picture of the books to the background. Michelle took the amazing sunset picture in the middle. It's actually a reflection of the sunset in the rearview mirror. (Hard to tell on the smaller size photo). We were driving some of the country roads around Champaign and got behind farm machinery. There was just something interesting about the image and it represents the notion of the everyday so using Ali's suggestion, I included it along with a photo of my boots in the snow. You can see how two 4x3 photos become one 4x6. 

We tried the new stirfry place as we had dinner with Wes and Ashlee. The food was delicious and it was a good opportunity to take a picture of their logo for a photo challenge to capture numbers this week. Saturday, we traveled to Bloomington for food and Rock Band at M's sister-in-law's where Lucy, their dog decided she wanted to join the band. 

Monday afternoon, while I was working on the Project Life layouts and thinking about gratitude my doorbell rang. When I answered it, a couple was standing there holding my wallet/keys. They'd been playing fetch in the park and their dogs fetched my keys instead of the ball. I was stunned and gushing with thanks. I couldn't believe someone found the wallet. I have no idea how we missed it during our search. It seems crazy to think we walked by it. My mom's theory was that it sunk into the snow and once the snow melted, it appeared. I don't know but I'm incredibly thankful for the dogs and their owners who returned what had been lost. I was so happy to have my keys back and the wallet itself. Because the missing keys/wallet was such a huge part of the week, I included the story of their return. I made my own journaling card from scrap photo paper using Ali's brushes and some doodle heart brushes where I wrote the story by hand.


In the process of opening the American Crafts protectors, I mangled one of the sleeves. So, I cut it off, creating a different size protector for 2 instead of 3 4x6's.

I snapped a quick picture of my surprise with the wallet. Ali Edwards' Moving Forward brushes complete the circle with "saying goodbye. saying hello." I began the week with goodbye to the wallet and went into the new week being able to say hello again. Kismet. Magic. Faith. Heart. Thank You.