#reverb12: looking ahead

Clean Slate: Tomorrow begins a new year.  What will you do with your new beginning? (Meredith, Kat, Sarah)

I love a new journal, a new Word document, blog post, a new semester, a new year. I love a clean slate, waiting to be filled. I enjoy imagining, planning, hoping, setting goals for what I hope the page, the time, the year will bring. I have many plans and goals for 2013. I'll write more fully about these in later posts like my 35x35 list as well as monthly goal lists. 

Since my word for this year is "open" many of my goals focus on actions I can take to remain open and aware, to take and create opportunities for connection, happiness, and trying new things. 

I will run a 5K. I'd like to run a 10K and a half marathon this year, as well. I'm starting small and seeing where I can go. 

I will continue to be a dedicated teacher, embracing the new semester, the new classes and students and work hard to create a classroom where we can share our thoughts and writing. 

I would like to worry less and be grateful more. 

I want to be more kind. 

I do not want things to be left unsaid. I want people in my life to know they are appreciated and thought of, that I care for them deeply. 

I want to eat less sugar. I want to eat at least one vegetable a day, probably with dinner. 

I want to manage my time better, prioritize writing, reading, connecting, working out/running and do less sitting in front of the television. (I've already decreased my TV watching but I know I could do more). 

I will take new fitness classes including yoga, which I'm a bit scared of because I know how hard it is and how uncoordinated I am.  

I want to worry less about what people think of me or how silly I will look when I try new things. I would like to not be concerned with failing because it is part of life, part of learning and growing and evolving. It's part of life, messy and beautiful and glorious. 

What are you going to do with your clean slate, your new beginning?