#reverb12: in my space

We all surround ourselves with the things we love. A few favourite things - a blanket, a lamp, a piece of art, a chair, a lovey - something inanimate that brings us happiness. What do you have in your personal space that brings about happiness? What is the story attached to it that has it in your sacred space? (Lee Currie

I am such a sucker for knick-knacks, tchotchkes, small things that represent a trip, or a wish, or a sentiment, a small bauble that just makes me happy. I also collect small things like owls and robots and Alice in Wonderland themed stuff. I also have an office at school as well as my apartment where I've placed different knick-knacks. Let's just say I have a lot of things from which to choose.

Over a decade ago, I lived in Paris for a few months and I was incredibly lonely, though I was surrounded by people and with someone who I loved intensely. In the tiny apartment we shared, I had one of my grandmother's recipe books and a quilt my great-grandmother made. Besides photographs, it was what I had of home, of my Southern girlhood, and when I felt particularly out of place, I clung to the quilt, trying to breathe in the smells and comfort of my Granny's house. I still have the quilt, though I'm often afraid of using it for fear of tearing or staining it. But it is there, folded neatly in my closet and I touch it softly when I am feeling out of sorts, waiting for it to ground me, and remind me who I am. 

I have a small Buddha (from where I am not sure) whose belly I rub each morning, even before I brush my teeth or check my email. There is a comfort in this routine, a feeling that good luck will carry through my day.

From my bed, I see the framed photograph of a heart I drew on the window last year. I love this photo; it makes me feel childlike and romantic. It anchors me, reminds me of M, and just makes me happy.

In the living room, I am surrounded by books and movies. But on these shelves sits two Alice in Wonderland mugs/cups. Both, I think, are from my friend, Brianne. When I see them not only am I reminded of adventure and muchness, but also friendship.

So much of my surroundings are imbued with stories, and I love that no matter where I am, I carry moments, people, happiness and luck with me. Honoring the small things, paying attention to the reminders of the bliss of the everyday means that any space can be sacred.