#reverb 12 : health

Do you consider yourself to be in good health? What changes can you make to be at your most healthy? (Lee Currie)

As I write this I'm getting over an ear infection and viral infection, so health is one of those things I don't want to take for granted. I spent a lot of this week not feeling well and it was the worst. I don't know how people with chronic conditions deal with pain on a constant basis. I also don't know how people without insurance manage. The doctors visits and prescriptions would have been astronomical without insurance and I've never been so grateful to have a way to look after myself and get better. 

I think that since I've been working on changing my habits and exercising more that I'm in pretty good health. But I also want to do more. I need to integrate more vegetables in my diet. I eat a ton of fruit, but I'm not always so good at eating vegetables. So that's a big goal for me in 2013 as well as paying more attention to my sugar intake and try not to eat so much sugar. I hope to lose more weight, start running again and just continuing to pay attention and tend to my body. Get enough sleep, drink enough water, etc. I feel like I've made great progress that I want to keep building on. It's so easy over the holidays to get out of the good habits and being sick, I haven't been able to workout so I'm feeling the pressure to get well and get back at ait. Even with holiday parties and food I normally don't eat, I try to be smarter about it. Choosing to indulge and choosing to not back for more. If I were being more strict right now, I would probably be losing a bit more weight but I'm okay with having a slice of pecan pie and getting back to the gym when I can. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I just want to be aware of the choices I'm making, which I never considered much before. My health is important to me and the best way I can honor my body is by being kind to it and to myself and then after the holidays, I can push a little more. It's all about balance.