#reverb 12: believing

What did you believe in this year? Did your faith help propel you forward? What do you want to believe in throughout 2013? (from last year's reverb)

Last year I wrote: "In 2012, I will believe in hope, adventure, and falling even more in love. I can't imagine my life any other way."

And that's true. I think hope and a kind of faith that things would be okay is what propelled me forward this year. Mostly it was the feeling that with M's trust and support in me that we would be okay, whatever happened we would tackle it with combined efforts and lots of love for one another.

I also began to believe that my own efforts would pay off. I saw how my work life changed and evolved. I felt my body change as I focused on healthier habits. All of these culminated into a much better environment for me to live and work.

So, I think in 2013 my efforts will be focused on continuing to build on the work I've done, continuing better eating, staying active, setting goals.

I want to believe in the good in people. I want to believe that there is more light than dark and that whatever is happening, we, as a community, as a country can work together to accomplish things and learn from one another instead of hiding or digging in our heels or being so tied to a particular party line and too stubborn because it's too hard or too much work or too easy to not take action.  

I want to believe we can move forward from tragedies, disasters, away from cruelty and violence and misunderstandings and hatred and toward love and compassion and generosity. Let us be open to one another and listen.