#reverb12 catch-up

Waylaid by a horrible end-of-semester gunky plague (technically, an ear and viral infection accompanied by a terrible cough but gunky plague has a better ring to it) I fell days behind on #reverb12. I'm combining the days I missed into a few posts. 

What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2012? What happened when you did/didn't go for it? (Kaileen Elise) 

I will tackle this question more fully in my 35 x 35 list of things I want to try/accomplish in my upcoming 35th year. 

But the big thing that comes to mind is that I want to run a 5k. A few years ago, M and I were in a running club that lead up to a 5K but because of my knee pain I had to drop out of the program though M accomplished it and even finished the 5K! I am hoping that since I've lost quite a bit of weight now, that I'll be better able to run. I've been doing a few run/walks around the neighborhood. Running for 1 min. Walking for 1 min. and none of those have hurt my knee though I think once I get up to more consistent running, I'll be better able to tell how my knees going to react. 

The university where I teach has an amazing health and wellness program and one of the things they offer in the Spring beginning in February is a 5K workshop/challenge, which I'm going to check out. It ends with a local 5K in April. 


Where did you feel most relaxed? Do you have a special space? (Lee Currie

I have this really great reclining loveseat that I got from my friend, Maria, and it's a great place to relax at the end of the day. I also love reading in the bedroom, which to me, is hugely relaxing. 

What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Gretchen Rubin

I made a few chain maille bracelets out of anodized aluminum rings to help M out with a few she had promised someone. We've also collaborated on a few Christmas presents so I can't talk much about them. I have another similar project in mind for Christmas that I'm keeping quiet about but it might involve ribbons and canvas. 


from #projectreflect12: I always start the year with a plan to take up different hobbies, but that usually never happens. Perhaps you learned to knit, or started scrapbooking, or learned to play an instrument. Did you take up a new hobby in 2012? Do you plan to stick with it in 2013 or try something new? (Esther Fox)

Scrapbooking is not a new hobby but using Project Life was a new way to approach it and I had not scrapbooked in a long time. For most of the year, I consistently posted my layouts, which was really fun. But then I got way behind in posting and in the layouts themselves. I got caught up on the layouts through last week. I did not bring any of my PL stuff with me so I'll be behind again and have to catch up once again. But I will finish it, even if it is into the next year when I do. I will also do Project Life again next year. I think I may change my approach a little bit, try to better organize the process and create a better space to work on the layouts. I also desperately want to use Elise's Seafoam Kit


If you were to be brought a bouquet, what flowers would you want it to hold? Colourful? Monochromatic? Traditional? Modern? (Lee Currie)

I love really modern arrangements using colorful flowers in playful ways, not taking flowers so seriously. I prefer daisies or tulips to roses and I adore hydrangeas.