#reverb 12 : where my money went

Where did you spend money through this year? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

My father always says you show what you value with your money, where and how you spend it. The most significant cost was probably moving, though a gift from my parents helped with most of that. Michelle bought a used car which needed a bit of work so I would say that was our biggest expense of the year. However, it was one of the most useful and necessary expenses of the year. 

Other expenses: 

Gym membership

Healthy eating (goat cheese and berries are expensive!)

Netflix, Hulu and Spotify subscriptions

Clothes (losing weight means saying goodbye to some of your favorite jeans and t-shirts. And I tried to dress more professionally this semester; I only wore jeans twice: on the last day of class and exam day).

Starbucks. I have an addiction.

Makeup. I threw away most of my makeup in early May and started over with some better basics and I'm so glad I did. 

Laundry. Having to pay for laundry means about 7 bucks a week is dedicated to having clean clothes. I love the way clothes feel right out of the dryer.

Gas. Though certainly not as much as I used to spend. In fact, my gas consumption has decreased significantly. I fill up every 2 weeks or so if I haven't driven to Champaign or made multiple trips to Hamilton to Meijer.