reverb11: 3 wishes

3 Wishes - If a genie could grant you 3 wishes for 2012, what would they be? (Author: @amanda_hirsch )

I love these kinds of questions because I'm able to imagine a whole world of possibilities and it's magical. But instead of wishing for something completely outrageous and silly, I'm following my heart to what I really want and in no particular order.

1) I would wish for healing for my Grandmother or at least ease my father's burden with taking care of her. This could mean her being more open-minded to help or building routines to make things easier for everyone. 

2) A tending environment, particularly professionally, where I can try new things, make mistakes, be fostered and build on the success I've experienced so far. I also want to create this personally, and continue to grow and evolve in my relationships with others. 

3) Equal rights.