Project Life 2012

Last year, I unsuccesfully began Project Life 2012, the simplified scrapbooking project from Becky Higgins. It was on my 33x33 list to finish a year long scrapbook. I purchased the kit, filled out Jan. and Feb. and then it sat in a box, forgotten. I didn't do much scrapbooking at all, last year. I made a book for our vacation in January and that was it. I also did not blog or write personally, as much and it showed in my stress level and my outlook on life. 

In November, M and I decided to undertake the photo a day challenge once again. We're currently on day 75. Sometimes I snap a picture with my cell phone and use it. In fact, all the ones I took while in Mobile were on my cell phone. Sometimes they're grainy or the colors aren't exactly what I want them to be and some times they're better than I expected. If I have time to edit them in Lightroom, I can make some adjustments for poor lighting. If not, well, that's just what they are. 

I have learned a lot from unfinished projects and from completed ones. What I've realized is that I need to focus on what they mean for me. How does this help me tend to something in my life? Photography, for me, is a form of expression that makes me happy, even when my fingers are going numb because I'm standing outside in 12 degree weather trying to get a bubble to freeze. I'm a creative person and if my creativity isn't fed, I'm moody and grumpy and feel stuck in all areas of my life. So, if at the end of the day, if all I have is a blurry picture or muted tones or a picture of a pop can, then okay. 

I've also realized that tools that make uploading/editing/printing photos easier like the Eye Fi wireless memory card are SO worth it, as is Adobe Lightroom and a printer at home. 

Because we're taking a picture a day, I'm already documenting my life. Sometimes I say yes to an event because I think, that'll be good for a picture or for Project Life and I have a great time I might otherwise have missed. And sometimes I don't turn on the TV for almost a week because I don't want the distraction.

I didn't finish Project Life in 2011 because I didn't make it a priority. It wasn't visible. I was focused on a million other things. I wasn't taking a picture a day. I wasn't driven to finish. 

I've already created more pages this year than the two months I filled out last year. I know it won't always be that way because life is busy and we don't always sit down and say, okay, what was this week like? But I'd like to find ways to do so. I would like to "be on the watch;" to know what I have while I have it. As I wrote about my grandmother's illness, I kept thinking about the ways I make time for so many things that don't matter. What I hope to do this year is make time for something that does and that's being aware of and tending to all the opportunities, people and places that make my life so amazingly full. 

So, here is what I've done so far. 

Some of the weeks kind of run together this month and I'm thinking that will probably happen in the future. I'll stamp or sticker dates when I think about it or when it makes sense but I'm not super focused on the week by week as much as I am what happened this month. What did we do? Where did we go? Who did we meet? What pictures did we take? 


New Year's Eve page. We brought mustaches to Brianne's NYE party and had some fun with her family and kids pictured.


We brought the kids back to Champaign for a few days where we played lots of board games like Harry Potter Scene-It (A Christmas present from them) and Pass the Pigs (my new favorite game.)


We played with glitter and had the kids do some jumps for us for a photography experiment I've been wanting to try.

The page above is one of my favorite pages. I used the Becky Higgins Photo Page Design Pack B , which I love because I take a lot (more than I thought) 4x6 portrait shots. Using this page also gave me an opportunity to play with some of the filler and journaling cards. I'm using both Clementine and Turquoise edition materials. I have my kit from last year's unfinished PL and I am mixing it with some of the Clementine cards which I ordered this year. Because the sizes of the cards are different as are some of their orientations, I trimmed the bigger cards down. I spelled JUMP and WISH with sticker letters I had from an old Hobby Lobby kit. The date stamp is from last year's Turquoise kit from Becky Higgins and the owl is a Basic Grey June Bug Owlet Clear Stamp


Owl stamp Close


The back of the Jump Wish page. The image became my new picture on this blog and my Twitter page.

Below is another one of my favorite pages. 


One of the pages from this week with some stuff from last week, too.

The perfume bottle is an image I took for a Flickr Photo Challenge Group I'm in. This week's theme was pink. I love the picture even though I may not use it for the challenge and may take something else instead. It was pretty warm at the end of last week so the dandelion picture is from my yard. I threw my Starbuck gift cards with New Year designs, the card my Starbucks gold card came in and fortunes from our Chinese lunch on Monday here along with a Secret Smash Pocket for receipts and other Ephemera. I stamped the date with the BH stamp from last year's kit. 

Close up:


Ephemera Scrapbook

A color scheme of purples emerged with the page below.

Collage 11, 12

I created a collage and printed it at Walgreen's of images from this week. I used the C Line Flip Pockets which just stick on to the larger page protector. 

This image is on the back of the collage and gives you a better idea of how this works with the pages: 


The final pages for the week are of the snow along with a story of how one of the neighbors accuses me of "casing houses" because I was in a hoodie, in the snow, taking pictures. 


I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far. I like combining the weeks' stuff together and having somewhere for the ephemera of my daily life to go and be useful. In the future, I would like to include more journaling and maybe even print stories on the pictures, particularly the ones of scenery like the window screen below.