grateful list: Thanksgiving

The past few years I have posted a list or series of lists or some kind of acknowledgement for what I am grateful for during Thanksgiving. This year, I wrote in my journal but rarely shared any of what I wrote on the blog. I am not sure why. It seemed so many people on Facebook were writing about gratefulness that I felt like I would be just one more voice in the crowd. It's good that people took note, shared and thought about gratitude this month or this week or on Thanksgiving day. It has been an intention of mine to be grateful every day. For example, today I am grateful that the rip in the garbage bag was small and that I could easily sweep the food that fell out of the space, could double bag the torn bag quickly and more of a mess wasn't made. I am grateful for all of the kind people who helped me as I ran errands, for the ability to buy groceries, do laundry, and sit in a warm apartment.

During Thanksgiving, I thought a lot about the people in my life for whom I am grateful, was able to spend time with most of them and I recognized, not for the first time this year, how amazingly lucky and blessed I am. And because I am stressed about the end of the semester, the million things I need to do and all of end of semester craziness, I created a representation of my gratitude in Photoshop.

I am sure I left things off, people, places, feelings. If you're reading this I am grateful for you. I've been blogging for what feels like a decade and part of it is about my own need to express ideas but part of it is about creating community, togetherness, feeling like someone hears, knows and understands. So, thank you. 

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