hello january

Inspired by Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday!

Hello to getting back in the swing of things, meaning work and planning and writing syllabi.


Hello, reading. And popcorn. 



Hello, scrapbooking. I'm participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word and attempting to complete Project Life this year. 


68/365 Inspire

Hello taking advantage of days it isn't too cold to be outside with the camera.


Hello, tea and my new owl mug. I've reached my goal of trying 12 different flavors of tea, one each month. I'm still a sucker for Earl Grey and White Blueberry, after all that. 



Hello, calendar. I like how new and clean and fresh you are right now.


Alice Calendar


Hello, mornings I can bring M coffee because she needs caffeine and my schedule is still flexible.


Hello, January. So far you've been pretty amazing. As the month of my birth, you're special to me already and there is that whole clean slate deal you bring with the new year. If you could just have a chat with February and ask for kindness for me, I'd be grateful.