Project Life 2012 Week(s) Thirty-five, Thirty-six, Thirty-seven


I downloaded some Chevron patterns and I made a date card using the purple and yellow pattern. I used journaling cards from the cobalt kit and used stickers from my stash to dress them up a bit. I was excited to get all of my books out of boxes this week. I was also busy making cupcakes for the Professional Writing majors reception.

Licenses and tags

My parents also visited quickly to sign some paperwork for my Ohio tags and I passed my Ohio driver's test. I took them to one of the bookstores where they bought some Miami gear and we tried one of the local restaurants I've been wanting to visit. The top arrow card is a printable from Monika Wright. I used an American Crafts Remarks journaling sticker on top of cardstock from my stash.


There's something I love about this page. I think it's the photos of M and I that we sent to one another. The matching "hi, here's what I'm wearing/look like" photos we sent to one another. The grey shirt is new, one that my mom bought when she was here because I realized I have very few short-sleeved shirts that I can wear with dress pants. The photo you can't see well is of the white board and markers, tools of the trade, I call it. I used a Smash label on top to write a short note about classes. Above it is a photo of a tree outside my office building. I love watching the tree change with the light throughout the day. More printables at the top: a quote from Jack Kerouac and a One Little Bird Check It journaling card. It's a bit smaller than the back of the card from the previous page which means some of it shows through, which I kind of like. 

On to Week 36:


I used a Project Life Clementine kit card and stuck numbers from a package of mailbox numbers I had left over and recently found while unpacking. I wrote the date using a Sharpie pen. The printable underneath is from Kimberly Kalil. We got a lot of rain this week and I took a few photos from my balcony. And of course, I'm still hitting the gym, which means some days I can indulge on M & M's. 

I visited Champaign for the first time since I moved.

Champaign visit

It was fantastic. Just to be doing silly things like having lunch or watching TV. On Saturday, M's mom visited and we went to Sun Singer for lunch and also did a little wine tasting. We went to Pridefest as well, which is where we took the silly pics below:


They had this great (and very cheap) photobooth set up with props and we took advantage. Even Carol got in on the act and I'm ecstatic to have photos that include M and I together and that are pretty good quality, not just my cell phone. The "Live a Colorful Life" is something I found on Etsy and the Robert Fulgham quote, which has somehow been attributed to Dr. Suess (love the Internet) is something I saw on Pinterest and shrunk down to fit in the 3x4 slot. I have a lot of stuff in my stash that is love oriented but nothing fit better than the things I used this week. I've been dying to use the You & Me sticker from MAMBI Soft Spoken (SS934), which I simply put on a piece of Clementine cardstock from the PL kit. The "picture perfect" sticker is also Soft Spoken (SS1288). Probably my favorite page in a long time.

Week 37:


I used the Autumnal Doilies printable from Creative Prompt for the date card. Not much fancy going on here, just getting stuff in the pages. I do love the everydayness of the photos: papers for class, the sky, the tower I walk by when I park in a certain lot, lunch, the car wash, and a simple reminder that I am loved. It could be seen as a kind of day in the life and it's all I had for this week. 

I appreciate that in Project Life, some layouts are much more full because some weeks of my life are more full than others. I take photos every day and there are only so many photos of my food and flowers or myself in the mirror that I can take. It's tough being away from M because the habits of our life and our pace of what we do each day is different and separate now and I can only record so many Skype convos or phone calls or chats. So days or weeks like the one above become a kind of testament to the dailyness of life a part and the simple reminders we need that we're in this together. The weeks collected here reflect that pretty well, I think. 

Still playing catch-up a bit but am really pleased with how these pages turned out.