More Project Life Catch-up (weeks 32-34)

Week 32

Week 32 was all about preparing for classes to start, going to workshops and Orientation(s). I included my name tag, some stickers from unpacking boxes, and some info about the rec center I received when I signed up. I took some photos around campus of the architectural features like the lights and gates. 


I got keys to my new office which I represented with Martha Stewart Modern Damask Key Embellishment on top of My Mind's Eye cardstock. I think it's from their Lost and Found collection but I have had in my stash for a while and really love it because I can use both sides in the same layout. 

Mostly unpacking this week. I started with the Blu-rays and DVDs because they're easy and because the huge empty shelf was starting to collect all sorts of unpacked things that do not belong on that shelf so I thought I better fill it with movies before it became a messy kitchen table; you know what I mean. I'm not sure these images are much better than ones I would have taken with my phone because the light is so yellow. It's what I have for now, though. 

On to Week 33


I love that patterened paper from Paper Studio on the bottom. I used American Crafts stickers to set out the week number and then outlined them with a Sharpie pen. The construction zone is a picture I snapped while stopped by the said construction. It made me laugh that the sign they used was handwritten and the construction went on for weeks after this and always these handwritten signs, cracked me up. I sat on my little baclony for the first time and headed to the county seat, which happens to be the "city of sculpture" which is why I took the photo of the sculpture outside the courthouse building. I faded it using a filter on my phone and it turned out better than the original. 

Week 33 continued

Those Black-eyed Susans are outside the rec center, which I thought would be a cool way to watch the seasons change as this small patch of flowers change. I receieved this funny postcard (advertisement for a local copy shop) that I included because it made me laugh and also because I was prepping for classes this week so it was timely. I also did laundry at a laundromat for the first time in years. And Matt sent me the beautiful picture of my neice who is awaiting her oatmeal. The cardstock on the bottom is from the Poteeka Souffle Pack by Paper Studio. It was so cute how could I not include it? 

Week 34:


Classes began this week. So I used this 4x6 card which I think was in my original PL Turquoise kit though I'm not sure. I liked that it looked the front of those old composition notebooks. On it, I affixed a typewriter sticker from Echo Park and used two different colored number stickers from my stash. I used a  Freckled Fawn label on the image from the rec center where I had to wait in line for a machine, though I haven't had to wait since and then only a few minutes. I included an image of myself I took on the first day of classes, a piece of bark outside one of the buildings on campus and some jasmine tea from a cool coffee shop in town. I used a Miss Tiina card I downloaded to write about the first day of classes. 


I love this page because it utilizes printables which I enjoy using; it includes a funny screen cap of trying to Skype with Nora and M and involves a few of mu current obsessions: Songpop, a name that tune game for the phone and Facenbook and Fringe which I am spending some time catching up on. I also included a Thank you card from Josh and Jeni.

More to come.