the beautiful struggle

I've been reminded lately how important perspective is in how we respond to the challenges and struggles that we often find ourselves in. For so much of my girlhood and adolescence, I felt so out of control of what was happening in my world, that I worked to control whatever I could. I tried to imagine scenarios and conversations and my responses to them. It was exhausting and mostly quite pointless. I watched my mother do exactly the same thing. Plan ahead for the worst and be surprised when things work out.

Years ago, I read an interview with a woman who walked a tightrope in various circuses. She talked about the importance of confidence, of trusting yourself, your training and practice, knowing you would not fall, that you would make it across. The trick, she said, is not about balance but about knowing where the tipping point is. If you're concerned about falling, and that's all you think about; you'll definitely fall.

I've been thinking a lot about that lately, how worry holds us back. What if I look stupid? What if I fail? What's going to happen? I like planning things, dreaming up possibilities, collecting ideas. But there is a point where you have to trust that you have prepared and planned enough and that all the things that will happen, the things you can't plan will work out, too, maybe better than you imagined.

I am trying to keep this in mind, trying to worry less and enjoy more. I am trying to embrace that life is messy and beautiful and complicated and way out of my control.

I stumbled across this site: Five Words Tell a Story , which, for some reason doesn't load in Firefox. I foud the following on the site and made it my new computer background.


 I think that says it all.