20 to 1 meme

I'm using this meme to ask students to think about themselves and their topics more closely and significantly. I've completed this meme a few times over the years and it's interesting to see what has changed based on where I am in my life and what has not. Here is last year's , 2009's and 2006's.

20 years ago I

1. played the clarinet moderately well
2. dated a boy much too old for me (It only lasted about 3 weeks)
3. was listening to Guns N Roses

10 years ago I

1. began my Master's program in English
2. became friends with Maria, who changed my life forever
3. watched along with the entire nation as the New York Skyline changed forever

5 years ago I

1. moved to Champaign
2. began researching blogs
3. saw my favorite Pixar movie, Cars

3 years ago I

1. finished my dissertation
2. bought my first car
3. watched my brother get married to the love of his life

1 year ago I

1. traveled to Lousiville 3 times within a few months of one another
2. began a research project that still interests me but has been on the back burner for a while
3. felt really lost

So far this year I

1. recognized some hard truths
2. published an article
3. have learned what friendship and support really means

Yesterday I

1. ate Chick-fil-A for lunch for the 2nd day in a row!
2. watched Tangled
3. worked on a presentation

Today I

1. had wonderful conversations
2. discovered something new
3. talked to my brother on the phone

Tomorrow I

1. will be openhearted
2. eat some delicious food
3. will take a step in what I hope will be a new direction

In the next year I

1. will not be pushed around
2. will appreciate the small things
3. will create new opportunities