mindful#52: clearing the static

At the beginning of each year, there all these news reports and hints and guides about simplifying your life. Many of them are unrealistic, in my opinion because really, our lives are not simple but complex and full of people and places and chaos. However, I certainly do think I certainly weigh myself down with unnecessary stuff, particularly mental stuff like anxious thoughts and worry.

I wrote a bit about this during reverb10 and the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that I carry too much mental and emotional baggage. Often, it clouds the reality of any situation and once I see things clearly I'm able to handle whatever comes more fully, with more strength and presence. I want to see this sooner, to acknowledge that I'm experiencing this clutter and embrace it for what it is so I can move past the clouds.

Whenever I hear "simplify your life," I cringe, knowing how full and complex and cluttered my own life is, knowing that no amount of folders, boxes or other typical solutions can help me. Here's what can:

Writing every day. Writing, whether in my journal or on my blog, helps clear my mind. It gives me something to consider, besides the static.

Planning ahead. I'm pretty bad at doing things ahead of time and often end up scrambling to pull something together, which leaves my mind pretty cluttered with all I need to be doing. So once we return from vacation I'm focusing on getting work done that paves the way for my success.

Believing the best. I would like to approach situations with a sense of hope, believing that everything will work out instead of assuming it won't. I think there is power to preparing for the best and I need some of that strength.

I also want to continue to set boundaries in my professional life including office hours, email and the times I am accessible. I'll continue with virtual office hours at least one day a week.

Most importantly, I want to fill my mind with hope and beauty and my soul with love. I want to remain open and vulnerable and accepting of whatever wonder waits for me because I believe deep down I am meant for great things.