reverb11: more time

Prompt: Time: If you had 3 more hours in the day what would you do with them?  How do you want to spend your time in 2012? 

If I had 3 more hours in the day, I would spend 1 hour writing. I would spend 1 hour taking pictures.

And then I would cook. I've really gotten into cooking in the last few years and I always want to do more. In 2012, I want to cook more elaborate dishes. I want to try challenging recipes and bake a pie or attempt tiramasu. I want to cultivate a palette, to know what tastes good without measuring or thinking too hard about it. I want to make my plates beautiful and creative. But mostly, I want to cook for people and have conversations over wine. I want to go bed sated from our discussions and I want to relish in a meal well made.