other lives

Yesterday, I shared a link to the most recent and amazing TED talk by Sarah Kay. I also shared the video on my Facebook page where my dear friend, Sandy reposted it and asked, "What other lives would you live?" Inspired by the talk and Sandy's question, I've been thinking about this since last night where it inspired some fragmented but interesting dreams. 

The lives I would live: 

A race-car driver

I would be a flapper in the 20's, a rebel, a dancer and maybe a bit of a lush.

I would be a New Yorker. 

I would be French or Dutch and make cheese. 

I would live in the 1950's. 

I would be a safari photographer.

I would make flower arrangements.

I would own a business called "It's a Wrap" and sell wrapping paper and paper goods and gift wrap your presents for you.

What lives would you live?