reverb11: this I believe

Prompt: Believe:  What did you believe in this year?   Did your faith help propel you forward?  What do you want to believe in throughout 2012?

I said some of this in my Who Are You? post but I thought it was appropriate to repeat and expand on here.

I believe in magic. 

I believe in kind words, saying thank you. I believe in appreciating what you have and telling people why they're important to you. 

I believe in language, a clever turn of phrase, in poetry and story. I believe in saying what you mean but choosing words carefully. They have more power than you realize.

I believe compassion is better than anger.

I believe in making relationships work. 

But I also believe there is no place for toxicity or hate or ill will in my life.

I believe that my relationship, at its core, is no different than yours. It is based on mutual love, respect, affection, chemistry and hope. We make sense together. We make one another better. 

I believe in love, the soul encompassing, kissing in the rain, reaching for someone's hand in the middle of the night, being happy just because the other person is, laughing in good and bad times, finding comfort in one another's words kind of love. 

In 2011, I chose love, commitment and my own happiness over other people's judgments of me, over their disapproval and objections.

So, ultimately, I believe in following your heart. 

In 2012, I will believe in hope, adventure, and falling even more in love. I can't imagine my life any other way.