#reverb11: gathering

Prompt: Gathering:  What was your favorite party or gathering (large or small) in 2011?  Who would you like to gather with in 2012?


A colleague recently said to me, "You must go to a lot of gatherings. Every story you tell is about some kind of social event." 

I don't go out every night or even every weekend. But when I do get together with friends, it's memorable and fun and full of stories. I do like to socialize and can really get into a big event with lots of people to talk to, especially if the food is good and the company is better.

This year was full of social occasions. It begins with a New Year's Eve celebration each year with our friend, Brianne and her family. It's one of my favorite events of each year because it's really about spending time together, which is what gatherings are all about. It's become a great tradition to which I look forward all year as part of our holidays. There were also birthday parties and chili cookoffs, summer barbecues and family dinners. 

My favorite party/gathering of 2011, however, was my wedding. It had costumes and cake and bowling, but more importantly was a celebration of our love from people we loved. I can't think of anything that beat that in 2011. I don't know whether or not it was the best party for everyone else who attended but for me, there was no more meaningful gathering. 

A Family of Pirates!


Wedding Party

In 2012, I want to spend more time with my friends, especially those I haven't seen in a while. I'm talking about you, Sandy