reverb11: a view you need to see

Prompt: YouView:  What video or show changed your view on something this year?  What did it teach you about your life or experience?

 A friend of mine posted this TED talk by Sarah Kay on her Facebook page. And when I watched it, I was moved to tears. 

 This is about so many things, imagination, poetry. But as she mentions, at her core, Sarah Kay is about finding ways to tell her story. I identify so strongly with this desire. I am overwhelmed by Kay's talent, her clever twists of words, how she comes alive through her delivery.

And I just discovered another one that left me in tears. It's also about story, about how we end up seeking ways to tell the same story... the story of who we are of how we came to be.

What I learned from Sarah Kay's talks is to keep searching. I also learned that sometimes your story is not what you think it is, or does not emerge the way you think it should. Throw out the word, "should." Go deep, the way you used to sink under the water in the bathtub and hold your breath, wondering how long you could last in the calm, murky water before gasping for air at the surface and returning to the world. 

In each prompt Megan Collier sends out via email for #reverb11, there is a line that says, "your story matters." These talks by Sarah Kay inspire me to believe that is true.