birthday wish list 2011

Normally when I make wish lists I simply link to the items without much explanation. I don't really need anything right now; I had such a lovely Christmas and M has already given me an early birthday present so I thought about what I really wanted and what purpose it would serve in my life. Still, I have so much to be grateful for: love, friendship, my family, that this wish list is purely wishful.



1. Mother of Pearl Arabesque Flower Design Letter Opener $15 When I almost threw away some very important unopened mail, I decided that I needed to open every piece of mail we receive and that I wanted a letter opener so that I have something useful and beautiful to hold while I do the daily work of going through the mail. I love the simple, pretty design of this one.

2. Got it Handled in Day & Night Pattern by Vera Bradley $30 I'm obsessed with purses, especially with graphic prints and I really love the kind of vintage look of this bag. Plus it's on sale.

3. The Illusionist on Blu-ray $15 I keep thinking I have this film and I don't. I do, however, have two copies of The Prestige, which is also about magicians and illusions and crime.

4. Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits$13 If you know me, you know about my love of Bon Jovi that goes back to the roller rink. I was so excited to hear that they have a new greatest hits album.

5. Chamilia Charm Bracelet My friend, Brianne got one of these for Christmas and seeing one in person made me want one even more! Every time I've looked at the prices of all the different pieces, though, it seems ridiculously expensive. I love the blue and purple theme shown here.

6. Pink's Greatest Hits So Far!!!$13 I love the title of this album as well as the fact that there are some of the older hits I love from her early albums represented. I think Pink is amazing and to have a collection of her best work so far would be great!

7. Paperchase Pea Pod Recipe Book $15 available at Borders I've picked this up several times and put it back each time because I found something I wanted more but I like this recipe keeper because I print a lot of recipes from online or cut them out of the paper or my grandmother sends them to me and I have all these pieces of paper floating around in drawers and tacked to the refrigerator. It would be nice to have them all in one place.

8. You Are Here Now Print by Farouche $35 You may not be able to read the print in the small circle. It says, "In the vastness in space of time may you be present here and now." I think that message is an important one and that the print by Farouche is a lovely reminder.

9. Crocs Crocband Winter Boot in size 11W $70 I am in love with the comfy croc boots my brother and sis-in-law gave me last year for Christmas. When I saw there was a new style with what looks like an easily cleanable surface I thought I must have them! I like the black because most of my winter shoes are brown.

10. I Carry Your Heart Bowl from Uncommon Goods $28 e.e. cummings' poem i carry your heart is one of my favorite poems. It inspired a very cool photo project and I really like the combination of beauty and utility of an object like this.