owl on arrival

My wonderful and talented sis-in-law, Joanna, responded to my desperate email favor where I requested an owl design with the adorable owl you see above. She also created a few special occasion ones that I will unveil throughout the year. I wanted to do something to the design of the blog that signaled fall but didn't want to do a total redesign because I actually like how the blog theme itself works. I decided I would change the icon from the paisley to an owl since I'm currently obsessed with them. I looked at my usual spots for some owl vectors but nothing I found would do. They were too round or too realistic looking. I was like Goldilocks looking for the "just right" factor. Then I thought, why don't I ask Joanna? What good is having a graphic designer in the family if you can't show off their work? (Or use their talents ;)) I sent her an email with those owl paintings/prints I really liked and she took it from there.

I've always loved the designs she creates and the ideas she has for craft projects. Unlike much of the stuff I start, hers actually end up looking really cute. Recently, the ad she designed for the company where she works as a graphic and sometimes web designer, Southern Research, was published/used in Business Alabama. Exciting! I am really proud of her.

So, thanks, Joanna for rescuing my blog design. You are fantastic, both as a sister-in-law and as a designer.