things I learned from moving

1. I have fantastic friends. Seriously. The amount of love outpoured just in showing up to load the U-Haul even after the horrible mix-up where the truck I reserved in April was somehow not ready when I showed up at 7 a.m., was overwhelming. I was so relieved that packing everything up went so smoothly. And the friends who came the next day and unloaded and helped begin the unpacking process deserve a permanent gold star of friendship.

2. Nothing ever goes as planned. When am I going to embrace and remember this lesson? In one fell swoop all the ideas we had about how the day would go went out the window. In the end, it worked out, but wow, was it stressful.

3. I have too much stuff.

4. The process of going through and examining your life as you put it in boxes, can be deeply fulfilling and revelatory.

5. I hate moths and ants; I don't mind crickets, maybe because I fished with them growing up.

6. It takes time to feel settled and it's wonderful to have someone you love in the process with you.

7. Did I mention I have great friends?