through the lens

After I made the Be Brave; Be Curious video, I knew I wanted to make another video. I've been playing with iMovie for a while because I'm still an amateur when it comes to video production. I'm a rhetorician and new media geek; I know the power of the medium. I know it matters "how you say a thing", as Robert Frost says. But I also know that what I wanted to say was more important than my fear of how amateurish it might seem.

So despite the fact that I feel this video is kind of like a powerpoint, I want to make it known how important photography has been to me in the past 2 years, especially after watching Jen Lemen's video. I'm learning that it's important to honor your passions and I'm never more free, more creative, more happy, more at peace than when I'm looking through the lens.

Through the lens from Dev on Vimeo.

Images are powerful, beautiful, and heartbreaking and exciting. I love opening the files after a shoot and seeing the surprises, the pictures I wasn't sure would turn out or the surprise of how a flower petal caught the light. *I'm not trained or particularly skilled.* I try to do what Jen talks about and feel my way through it. Somehow it works. I find the light and shadow. I play with exposure and aperture; I ask M to see what she thinks. She gives me advice, encourages me, teaches me. She sees what can be, somehow, better than I can. She just knows and she's teaching me how to listen to my instinct.

Through our shared passion, M and I have gotten closer; we've been able to give something to people: the best pieces of themselves and their families. We've captured love and tenderness, affection, joy. I've learned that the best moments just "happen" in photography, the same way they do in life. I can't imagine life without photography. Even if I don't take pictures everyday, the promise is there. It's enough to know I can.

*edited per Dian's comment below. :)