on holiday

This week scoring AP exams has left me a bit drained. I'm hoping to leave early enough tomorrow to get to my brother's in Birmingham. I'm on a bit of a whirlwind trip and already tired.

One of the highlights of the week was listening to Billy Collins read some of his poems. He's a fantastic reader and completely hilarious guy.

Here is one of the poems I heard him read from his book of poems, Ballistic:

Hippos on Holiday

~Billy Collins

is not really the title of a movie
but if it was I would be sure to see it.
I love their short legs and big heads,
the whole hippo look.
Hundreds of them would frolic
in the mud of a wide, slow-moving river,
and I would eat my popcorn
in the dark of a neighborhood theater.
When they opened their enormous mouths
lined with big stubby teeth
I would drink my enormous Coke.

I would be both in my seat
and in the water playing with the hippos,
which is the way it is
with a truly great movie.
Only a mean-spirited reviewer
would ask on holiday from what?